Why Crowd Testing Is Important During The Entire Product Development Life Cycle

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Why Crowd Testing Is Important During The Entire Product Development Life Cycle

Creating a high-quality and customer-oriented digital product that perfectly fits the client’s needs is among the most important goals for many companies. To make sure your product will be successful, it is crucial to focus on advanced testing in all the stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC). But why do so many businesses decide to choose a crowd test model for better QA results? Which crowd testing approach will be the best for your product? 

There is a common misconception that crowdtesting should be used only in the final stage of the product development phase. However, it is surely not enough to ensure the highest quality of any digital solution. So, why is it important to use the power of the crowd in different steps of the product development? It’s time to get all the answers on how crowd testing can significantly improve your software development life cycle on your way to a 5-star product. 

Why Use Crowd testing?

The digital product life cycle has numerous stages, and each stage requires performing advanced testing. Checking the product’s performance during the development phase, before the release, and before each update is a must for any successful solution. Careful crowd testing planning has also many more benefits that are worth mentioning. 

First, using continuous testing will help you identify the product’s bugs and imperfections at the early stages, as well as fix all the issues before your application comes available to the customers. This will allow you to improve the entire quality of your product. And hit the market with a top-notch solution of premium quality and a much lower overall cost. Moreover, it will also help you prevent higher development costs in case of detecting bugs in more advanced stages of the product development. 

Second, using crowdtesting during different phases of testing allows for receiving advanced QA results, since the complete check-up of your product will be performed on different devices, operating systems, screen sizes, and environments made by human professionals in real life. Consequently, you will have an opportunity to discover the weak points of your product that might occur in particular environments.

Third, crowdtesting will provide you with an unbiased opinion about your digital product. Professional testers will examine your app from all sides and will give you detailed reports about its performance.

Forth, hiring a crowd testing team is fast and easy. You don’t need to hire in-house QA specialists, but get the help of professional testers anytime you need it. With crowdtesting, you can save money and get brilliant results within the shortest terms. The fact is that it allows you to scale up and down your testing efforts according to the current needs and actual requirements, improve budget planning, save costs, and benefit from higher flexibility and productivity. 

Fifth, a reputable crowd testing company allows you to choose between professional QA testers and beta testers to perform user testing. Various stages of the SDLC require different types of testers and the ability to switch between the tester’s types according to the phase and your needs. Crowd testing allows you to select the needed team in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

How To Set Up Crowd Testing For Your Product

The most important thing is that the crowd testing process flow should cover the entire testing life cycle. In other words, the product’s quality life cycle requires using crowd testing at different stages of the development life cycle (SDLC). 

Crowd Testing During Concept Testing

Concept testing usually takes place before the development stage. This process is initiated to find out how your future customers feel about your product’s idea and make sure your digital solution is ready for the market. Crowd testing before the development stage will help you find the answers to all important questions regarding these aspects. It is also worth mentioning that during this stage, you can choose beta testers from your target market rather than QA professionals. 

Crowd Testing At The Initial Stage

One of the key goals of crowd testing at the initial stage of the product development lifecycle is product requirement analysis. You will identify the expectations of the customers of your digital solution, the need to develop various types of functions and discover all technical, visual, and legal requirements for your digital product. Crowd testing at this stage is crucial for success when bringing your business ideas to life. When it comes to choosing testers for this stage, it might be good to use both beta testers and professionals with a focus on beta testers. 

Crowd Testing At The Product Development Stage

During this stage, crowd testing will help your company improve both development and testing processes. As a result, it will allow you to prevent bugs and crashes in your digital solution. It is recommended to start using crowd testing at the early stages of product development to shorten the feedback loops, elevate the product quality to a higher level, and make decisions related to marketing faster. The best solution is to use continuous testing throughout the entire software development life cycle. 

At this stage, it is crucial to use only vetted professional QA testers. It is also possible to involve some randomly chosen testers for each test cycle and get some expert testers assigned to your team on a regular basis. Ubertesters is ready to offer you this option for better testing results. 

Crowd Testing At The Product Pre-launch Stage 

Using crowd testing at the post-development stage, which is also called the product pre-launch stage, is necessary for the overall success of your product. In many cases, pre-launch testing is even more important than advanced marketing activities. 

The reason is that any company needs to come up with a top-notch and bug-free product to conquer the market. If you put too much effort and budget into ads and marketing but fail to create a good product, there are little to no chances of success. Therefore, to develop a truly winning digital solution, it is vital to add crowd testing to your test execution process and check your digital solution from different sides. For best results ask the testers to perform exploratory testing, as well as follow specific pre-written test cases. 

To validate the final quality of your product it is better to use a large group of testers from the actual target market, with a variety of devices, operating systems, and carriers to make sure there are no “glitches”. This popular solution will help you test your product from all sides and get unbiased feedback from both QA professionals and beta testers. 

In this phase, it is recommended to use larger teams that include professionally vetted QA experts to find bugs and defects with the product, as well as beta testers to provide real-life user feedback about the product’s usability. This approach will make sure you are fully ready for your product launch.

Crowd Testing At The Supporting And Scaling Phase

Post-launch testing can help you to:

  • analyze user experience;
  • define areas of possible improvement;
  • validate the actual user interaction against the planned one.
  • Perform regression testing every time you make changes, fix something, and be ready to upload a new version to the market. 

Benefits Of Crowd Testing 

Crowd testing plays a crucial role in creating a quality product. Since it should be an inevitable part of the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). It offers numerous advantages to both small companies and big businesses, startups, and influencers in different markets:

  • Get professional QA help at any stage of the software development process, as well as concept testing. 
  • Get beta testers for user testing. A good crowdtesting company offers both options of using skilled professionals and beta testers. 
  • Scalability and flexibility – you can hire as many professionals as required according to your specific needs. At any stage of the SDLC – scale up or down your team in a flash.
  • Reasonable costs – crowd testing is an affordable solution and extremely cost-effective. 
  • An unbiased view of your digital product’s performance.
  • Advanced testing – your digital product will be checked by human testers on various types of real devices. Any required geography or language, and needed environments.
  • Detailed testing results according to industry standards, received from a chosen number of professionals in the countries of your target audience.
  • All types of testing are available to cover checking all the required functionality of your digital solution. 
  • Get the help of an assigned project manager for a more effective QA process that requires almost no management overhead on your end.

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