Desktop App testing

Even though the software is moving to the cloud, desktop apps are here to stay.
Thousands of users rely strongly on them, so they expect a smooth user
experience, just like from any web app. A desktop app is a program that runs
independently in a desktop operating system, and the question is, are you
prepared to meet your client’s expectations? Test your app to know for sure.

Increase the quality
of your Desktop App

Be 100% certain in your final product version and
increase your revenue.

  • Flawless user experience

    Users don’t see the work behind the app - they enjoy the process of using it. Your future reputation depends on crystal clear navigation and thought-out design.

  • Enhanced performance

    A seamless set-up with no errors or legging on the way means the world to the software quality. Remove the customer’s struggles regardless of the hardware they use.

  • Improved brand’s image

    More happy clients mean higher incomes. You can get to the market’s top if more users will spread the word about your business.

  • Defined priorities

    The product’s double-check will reveal its weaknesses and will help you prioritize the next steps towards higher quality.

Desktop App testing with Ubertesters

If it’s important for users, it’s important for our team as well. We test apps for desktops and laptops in the real-life environment wearing your clients’ shoes. With our large community of QA experts, we can find any desktop or laptop available to test in any required environment and make sure you deliver outstanding desktop experiences

A broad community
of testers

We conduct application tests from almost every corner of the world, using all possible desktop or laptop devices and operating systems. It is exactly how your clients would test your product.

The right approach
to every project

Every company is unique, and it’s not mere rhetoric to us. We carefully learn products to help build the best apps for desktops. Functional or exploratory, localization or compatibility testing - we do it all and we know precisely what you need.

testing skills

Our testers’ expertise will reflect your product’s niche. For example, if you develop a software game, our task is to find a gamer to test your product. In this way, you get the most authenticated desktop application testing.

Processes aligned
with your business

Our testers become a natural extension of the development process. Therefore, we will follow your business goals and priorities and will accomplish test cases aligned with the working rhythm of your team.

Challanges of Desktop Testing

When testing desktop software, you should consider its distinctive features
and emerging challenges.

Distinctive testing

Desktop devices differ a lot from each other because of their components. The combination of tools under the hood
may have different effects on testing results.

You have to be sure your app works evenly in combination with dozens
of Operating Systems versions used by your customers.

Desktop apps are usually larger in size, have more advanced features,
and require more expertise from testers.

Desktop apps my contain components requiring internet connection, so testing should include both online
and offline activities for a full review.

Desktop apps substantially differ from standard web and mobile products, which requires special testing expertise
(for example, background process running or authorization access to different local users).


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