SaaS Testing platform

It takes a lot of effort to deliver a new mobile app to the market, and proper
beta testing is one of the vital steps to make. To quickly prepare your product
for release, Ubertesters offers a beta testing management platform. It’s the
one and only solution you need to manage all of the beta testing activities
including OTA build distribution and robust bug reporting tool.

What is the Ubertesters platform?

  • The perfect QA tool for managers. Ubertesters is a multi-platform (iOS, Android) solution for mobile app testing. It forms a separate environment where testers, project managers, developers, and CTOs can follow and manage digital beta testing tasks and activities.
  • Quickly record and configure tests. To help you achieve the fastest results, we set our solution in the cloud keeping you from installing extra software or hardware. Just open our app and dashboard, and start working. No hassle, no need for additional tools — only feasible results.

Just what you need for
effective beta testing

How do you know you’re doing your best in mobile testing?
This is what you get with a reliable solution at hand.

  • Over-the-air (OTA) build distribution

    Set up a quick, secure, and easy build distribution between workflow participants, across various worldwide devices, with no need for SDK integration. It’s a multi-platform feature available for iOS and Android devices with an ability to create multiple distribution groups.

  • Crash reporting overview

    Always keep track of emerging crash issues and get immediate details on the crash’s cause, and its location in the product, as well as detailed stack trace.

  • Transparent working process and monitoring

    Follow up bugs and issues as soon as testers identify them with this robust bug reporting tool, control the workload and ongoing progress.

  • Direct communication within the team

    No need for extra messengers and emailing to send test reports. Get immediate feedback about every bug found and communicate directly with the testers with the internal messaging feature.

  • Integration with external bug tracking systems

    Share the testing progress immediately in the tracking system of your choice. Our tool allows for syncing up with Jira, RedMine, YouTrack, and many others. Don't use any bug-tracking-system? Feel free to use the built-in bug-tracking-system.

  • Quality improvements in no time

    Be ahead of the game in quality enhancement with one solution for both testing and management and all in a single comprehensive dashboard.

Mobile Testing with the Ubertesters SaaS Platform

One of the key benefits of the Ubetesters platform is that it unites testers and managers under the same software roof and within a single dashboard. Whether you need to conduct a test or monitor it, there is one working tool to do it all. This instrument allows setting up a well-regulated and systematized process to deliver quality mobile apps and respond to the market demands.

Test cases and user
stories support

Ubertesters provides flexibility to the development methodology of your choice. You can organize testing according to the fundamental principles of your team’s working process.


Know the workload and progress of every tester at this very moment with our ‘session tracking’, plus how much time it takes to finish a task. It allows for the quickest and most transparent distribution of testing efforts across the team.

Clear testing

With our testing platform, QA experts are always up to date about what should be done next. They receive the correct revision automatically, decreasing excess communication, and can switch revisions if necessary.

Advanced analytics
and reporting

Ubertesters allows creating reports for different departments. They include bug descriptions to eliminate flaws quickly; the list of devices and operating systems used; executive summaries about the team’s overall progress.

This robust and comprehensive platform is totally free for the company’s crowd testing customers, and is extremely
cost-effective for platform users who manage their in-house or remote testing teams.


Test and optimize your digital products with the help of our innovative services and robust platform

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