When it comes to ensuring the success of your mobile app, thorough beta testing
is an essential step. Ubertesters offers a powerful beta testing management platform
that can be a game-changer for crowd-testing activities. Our platform is the all-in-one solution
for efficiently managing beta testing, including OTA build distribution and robust bug reporting.

What is the Ubertesters platform?

  • Ubertesters is the ultimate tool for crowd-testing managers. Our versatile solution caters to digital product testing, covering mobile testing (both iOS and Android platforms) and desktop testing on any browser. With our platform, testers, project managers, developers, and CTOs can seamlessly collaborate on digital beta testing tasks and activities in a dedicated environment.
  • Streamlined Testing

  • We've designed our platform to be hassle-free. There's no need to install extra software or hardware. Simply access our app and dashboard to get started. Ubertesters eliminate unnecessary complexities, ensuring practical and efficient results.

Just what you need for
effective beta testing

How can you be certain that you're conducting the best possible digital testing for your crowd-testing efforts? Ubertesters provides a reliable solution that guarantees:

  • Over-the-air (OTA) Mobile Build Distribution

    Quickly and securely distribute builds across various devices worldwide, without requiring SDK integration. This multi-platform feature supports both iOS and Android devices, enabling you to create multiple distribution groups.

  • Test cases support

    The platform provides effortless test case management, offering structured testing that enhances organization, traceability, and the ability to easily replicate test scenarios, resulting in more efficient and effective quality assurance.

  • Transparent working process and monitoring

    Follow up bugs and issues as soon as testers identify them with this robust bug reporting tool, control the workload and ongoing progress.

  • Transparent Work Process and Monitoring

    Stay informed about bugs and issues as soon as testers identify them, thanks to our robust bug reporting tool. You'll have control over the workload and ongoing progress.

  • Direct Team Communication

    Forget about additional messengers or emails for sending test reports. Ubertesters offers internal messaging for immediate feedback and direct communication with testers.

  • Integration with External Bug Tracking Systems

    Sync up with popular tracking systems like Jira, RedMine, YouTrack, and more, or use our built-in bug tracking system.

  • Quality Improvement

    Ubertesters unites testing and management in a single comprehensive dashboard, ensuring quality enhancement efficiently.


The Ubertesters platform brings testers and managers together under one roof, with a single dashboard. Whether you need to conduct or monitor a test, we've got the tool to streamline the process and meet market demands efficiently.

Supporting Your
Team's Methodology

Ubertesters offers flexibility to adapt to your team's preferred development methodology. You can organize testing according to your team's unique working principles.


Track the workload and progress of every tester at any given moment with our session tracking. It ensures the quickest and most transparent distribution of testing efforts across your team.

Clear testing

With our platform, QA experts always know what needs to be done next. They receive the correct revisions automatically, together with detailed tasks and instructions, reducing unnecessary communication.

Advanced analytics
and reporting

Ubertesters allows you to create reports tailored to different departments. These reports include bug descriptions for swift issue resolution, lists of devices and operating systems used, and executive summaries that provide an overview of your team's progress.

This robust and comprehensive platform is available for our crowd-testing customers at no cost
and offers exceptional value for those who manage in-house or remote testing teams.


Test and optimize your digital products with the help of our innovative services and robust platform

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