Livestream Testing

Live streaming, broadcasting, and live events are happening at this very moment,
right before the eyes of your clients, and they expect the highest quality.
So you have only one chance to leave a positive impression - by making sure
everything will go smoothly beforehand. It’s always better to spend some effort
on precautions than fix the irreparable.

Increase the quality
of your Livestream

Live streaming is a trend available on all social media platforms. Do you need closer contact with your audience? Set up a real-time communication channel that your clients will love to use.

  • Meeting viewer expectations

    Live streaming now is an extension of TV broadcasting, so customers would not accept a less smooth experience. Do your best to provide flawless streaming to every device.

  • Protecting the brand’s reputation

    There is no room for error, especially if it’s your first stream. Strengthen up your effort, ensure positive feedback before going live.

  • Stable conversion rates

    Provide high quality in everything you do and get loyal customers who will share your brand’s image with others.

Livestream Testing with Ubertesters

People nowadays have no time for waiting. When watching a stream, everything should be perfect from the first second - otherwise, your customers won’t tolerate errors, lagging, or non-working audio. So do not let it happen. Use stream testing services and obtain support from world-class experts.

Global coverage of
streaming testers

Our experts from all over the world (120+ countries) are equipped with all possible devices and operational systems. We test from the client’s location and have testers in all major media locales.

testing plan

Depending on the company, streaming activities have different goals and target audiences. We are here to test every stream effort individually and, most importantly, with your viewers in mind.


We provide live stream test results considering the variety of locations and devices. It allows you to keep your activities under one radar and control emerging issues at the moment when they appear.

Carefully selected
experts for your project

Our testers are well-aware of the streaming flows on different platforms, so they do the work quicker than any of your team members. You get test results along with recommendations for further improvement

Challanges of Livestreams we test

These are the challenges that make stream quality tests back-breaking if you
do them on your own.

Device diversity
Skills required
The number of
specific parameters

You can’t control your stream with complete accuracy for clients
from different countries or regions.

Users watch streams from any device that supports an Internet connection, so you should check as many
gadgets as possible, and with different speed and connection type.

Each platform has its own instructions to set up a stream and then check the quality. It will take numerous hours
for your team to test the stream properly.

Livestream is a completely unique niche to test out with its individual characteristics: high-quality video and
audio, a lack or delay of sound, video lagging or interruption. And all of it - under various data speed conditions.


Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.


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