How it works

Seamless digital testing experience, done by global real users
with real devices, for a worry-free, successful product launch


Ubertesters offers crowdsourced testing services, using a large global community of vetted testers with devices, to allow
the most flexible, fast, and cost-effective way to scale your testing team and launch an amazing, bug-free, digital
product that is optimized to your client’s needs.

Crowd testing

Our large community of remote, vetted, professional QA experts, or beta testers, are using their own devices to test any digital product using real people, under real-life conditions.

The testing cycles are managed by an experienced project manager to reduce the client overhead and deliver hustle-free, best test results and user’s feedback to help the client safely launch a new product.

The Ubertesters
robust platform

Ubertesters beta-testing platform is a cloud-based, QA management tool for mobile and web applications beta testing to ensure a better product is launched. The tool helps companies to better manage and monitor the entire beta testing process while using the power of the crowd.

The tool allows a secured app distribution across various devices worldwide, a bug submission tool, and a complete team and device management to allow the client to see who tested, when, how long and how well.

How it works

Fill up a short form online

The form includes basic information about your project as well as a brief
description of your testing needs and specific instructions. Click here.

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

An expert on our team will get in touch with you to understand your goals, technical
needs, test plan, number of required team members, needed devices or browsers,
tester’s locations, deadlines, and any other special requirements that you may have.


Based on the supplied information we will prepare an offer for you,
and once accepted, we will be ready to start testing once you are
ready with the product or revision to test.

Run the Test cycle

Our professional QA testers or beta testers will start the testing process, with
the support of your assigned project manager. You will receive all the reported
issues on the Ubertesters robust platform. All issues include descriptions, steps
to reproduce, screenshots, and everything else required to reproduce the
issue. All issues may be further automatically submitted into your
bug-tracking-system so you may continue handling the issues in-house.

Results & Summary

Once the test cycle is done, and in addition to all reported issues
within our QA management platform, you will get from your
dedicated project manager a detailed summary report of the test
cycle, as well as survey results with answers to common
user-feedback questions about your product.

The test cycle is now completed and we are waiting for further instructions to re-test your product
once fixes have been implemented by your team, or get a new revision to test again.

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