Crowd testing is the best way to launch better digital products by performing large-scale QA testing or user experience testing. The testing is done by a large group of global professional testers or beta testers with devices that conduct the testing “in-the-wild” and under real-life conditions.

Our testers are called PrimeTesters and are available on-demand in 120+ countries.

Crowd testing gives you direct and immediate access to your actual target audience with the ability to test anywhere in the world, with any device type, operating system, browser, or carrier. Whether you require functional testing, usability testing, localization testing, or user feedback on your digital product – crowd testing is the best solution for you.

Crowd testing allows more people to participate in the testing process with higher flexibility, but with significantly lower cost to the organization, and in a much shorter lead-time when compared to the traditional in-house testing process.

Why you need crowd testing

  • Continuous testing

    Check the system at any stage of the development process to guarantee the overall quality and stable workflow of the product while significantly improving time-to-market.

  • A bug-free product after the release

    Prevent any bugs damaging user experience and avoid developers’ excessive rework.

  • Solve the diversification challenge

    Crowd testing neglects all borders and distances. You can test your digital product in any geography, with any device, operating system, browser, or carrier, and all from the comfort of your office being thousands of miles away.

  • Crowd quality

    The crowd is made out of curious testers with a questioning mindset that doesn’t accept the facts for granted. The testers bring an End-user approach of a professional expert with subject matter expertise for best issue reporting.

  • Project management

    You get an assigned project manager that studies your product, provides feedback and suggestions for a better testing process and turns into a single point-of-contact to manage the entire testing process. This reduces your management overhead to almost none.

Crowd testing benefits for your organization

Savings in time
and cost

Our crowd testing is the fastest and most cost-effective service. Ubertesters experts know the niche better than anyone else and provide their expertise to every project. We’re not racing for the deadline - we’re racing for the highest quality of your digital product.

Testers from
across the world

120+ countries - it is the number of locations you can reach with Ubertesters. 150 supported languages - it’s a guarantee that you and the tester will understand each other. Just name us a country and business niche, and we will find the right expert for you.

Any device
you have in mind

Our testers are real users who represent your target audience. It means they use the same devices and digital products as well as have the same user habits and preferences. This is the closest you can get to your potential clients.


Our team is here to help you pick the right testing crew ideal for your business goals. We are ready to invest time and effort into a better understanding of your product and its audience.

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What services and products does Ubertesters offer to its clients?

Ubertesters offers a complete, end-to-end, software testing solution for digital products to help organizations beta test their digital products prior to launching it. The holistic solution includes:

  1. a SaaS product - a robust platform to manage the entire mobile beta testing process and teams
  2. a crowd testing service of global, professional testers for hire with devices for most flexible and cost-effective global testing under real-life conditions
  3. offshore outsourcing services of remote QA experts on a full-time basis based in the company’s East European facilities

Thus, any organization in a need for software testing can find the right solution with Ubertesters to help them launch their product with confidence.

What is crowd testing?

Crowd testing (or crowdsourced testing) is an advanced QA testing solution that can help companies guarantee that their digital product (apps, websites, SaaS, web apps, etc.) functions perfectly under real-life conditions. With crowd testing the QA software testing is done by a large community of freelance testers, located all around the world, using their own devices, looking for defects, bugs or improvement suggestions for the client’s product. Crowd testing allows brands to put their products in the hands of their real target audience, and test their product by real users prior to launching it.

The testing process is managed by Ubertesters’ own project managers from beginning to end, allowing the customer to reduce their management overhead and get the needed results in a very short time. Crowd testing is the most flexible, fast and affordable way to scale your QA software testing in no time.

Ubertesters has over 80,000 QA testers located in more than 120 different countries, covering 150+ languages.

Why use Crowd Testing?

Crowd testing allows more people to participate in the testing process, with a diversity of devices, with significantly lower cost to the organization, and in a much shorter lead-time when compared to the traditional in-house testing process. Crowd testing is considered a complementary service to in-house QA testing; however, in some cases it can also completely replace the organization’s own in-house QA team.

There are significant advantages to crowd testing and here are a few:

  • Flexibility – test whenever needed, either a planned test cycle, or Ad-hoc testing in a very short notice- the crowd is always available - even during weekends and holidays.
  • Diversity of devices – crowd testing gives you access to a large community of testers in any location, with almost any device and operating system, any browser, or mobile carrier you desire to test on.
  • Scalability – test with any number of desired devices, whether a smaller scale cycle of ~10 devices, or a larger scale test cycle of ~100 testers with different devices to allow you to get more valuable information in a shorter timeframe.
  • Lower cost- crowd testing is a powerful tool, yet far less costly than other more traditional methods of testing.
  • New insights- the crowd is made out of curious testers with a questioning mindset who don’t take the facts for granted. You get unbiased feedback from outsiders.
  • Faster, better releases- significant improvement of “Time-to-Market” by increasing your pre-launch QA effectiveness.
  • Continuous testing- check the system at any stage of the development process to guarantee the overall quality and stable workflow of the product while significantly improving time-to-market.
What type of testing do you offer?

Our testers can perform Exploratory Tests, run Test Scripts/Test cases, and UI testing, such as:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Localization
  • Payment testing
  • Installation testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interrupt testing
  • Regression testing
  • Remote interview testing
  • Cross browser testing
Who are your testers?

Our PrimeTesters are professional, vetted, experienced, global QA testers with their own devices that are looking for testing tasks. All of our QA testers were certified by us and went through our profound qualification process.

In addition, we have a large community of beta testers who have no QA background, but instead, focus on the user experience testing of your solution.

Our Testers are constantly being rated by both our customers and our internal team to ensure they meet the highest standards expected of them.

Will testers use only real devices?

Yes. All our testers use real devices. This ensures greater accuracy of the testing results. We use no emulators or simulators, only real people, with real devices, under real life conditions.

Do you offer testing done by professional QA experts or beta-testers for user experience testing?

In order to offer our clients a complete holistic solution, we offer both services based on our clients’ needs. The majority of our community of testers are certified, vetted, professional digital QA testers that are up for any QA testing task, whether it includes test case execution, or exploratory testing, or if the client requires functional testing, regression testing, interrupt testing, etc.

Another aspect of our community includes beta testers who have no QA background, but instead focus on the user experience of the solution. Ubertesters’ community of testers includes more than 80,000 people across the globe, ensuring that companies can gain accurate insight about their product and making sure they launch a well-tested product in the fastest and most affordable way.

How do you select your testers to join your team?

All our testers are certified and experienced QA experts. The certification is held in a few stages - professional knowledge test, live interview with one of our specialists, and a practical test task.

Only the best QA testers are accepted to our global community of professional Ubertesters.

Do all testers sign NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement)?

Yes. All our testers, before they get the first testing project with us, must sign our Ubertesters’ strict tester’s agreement. It’s a comprehensive and detailed agreement to help establish the terms of relationship between Ubertesters and the community of freelance testers. The two most important parts of the tester’s agreement are the ‘Non-Disclosure-Agreement’ and the ‘Non-Complete’ parts. The NDA part includes strict guidelines regarding the tester’s commitment to keep all information about any 3rd party company, product and services in strict confidentiality and not to share any information with anyone else. Should the testers violate the confidentiality agreement and neglect to honor the commitment they face a lawsuit and could be required to pay financial damages and related costs.

Do I need to manage the test cycles by myself using your community of testers?

Ubertesters offers managed testing services. You get an assigned dedicated project manager, who is a QA expert, who studies your product, provides feedback and suggestions for a better testing process and turns into a single point-of-contact to manage the entire testing process. The project manager has an initial kickoff call with the client to better understand the needs and the product, then he/she assembles the team of testers, making sure they meet the client’s demands, and that they fully understand the testing requirements/instructions. The project manager also manages the entire testing cycle, filters the results and makes sure that the testers complete all the tasks. At the end of the cycle the project manager provides the client with a summary report of the test cycle. This reduces the client’s management overhead to almost none.

Is it possible to select a combination of mobile devices and OS’s that I want to have my app tested on?

Yes. When you submit your “Hire Testers” request, our project manager will get in touch with you in order to determine your testing needs and requirements. You may choose the desired combination of a device and operating system and this will be taken under advisement when building your testing team.

Can I use test cases when testing my digital product with Ubertesters?

Yes. Ubertesters’ platform supports test cases. You can create test cases in the project dashboard under “Tests” and they will be available for the testers. You can add a test case description and expected result. When starting testing, a tester may choose a particular test case, read the testing scenario and the reported issues will be associated with the chosen test.

At the end of the bug submission process, the tester can mark the test result as “Failed” or “Passed”, and these results will be accessible through the Ubertesters web dashboard for the manager as well.

What is the minimum number of recommended testers/devices per test cycle?

The main advantage of crowd testing is the ability to get a broader set of devices involved in testing. With today’s vast variety of mobile devices (especially Android) it is not guaranteed that all applications will work the same on all devices and in all locations.

The minimum number of devices that we recommend for a mobile application testing is 25 devices. This covers the top Apple devices, as well as different levels of Android devices (high-end, mid-level and low-end devices).

Will I communicate with all beta testers who test my app?

No. You will have your personal dedicated project manager assigned to your project, who will take care of the testing process and the testing team management. The project manager will communicate directly with you and can discuss any questions and extra requirements should appear.

How much does Crowd testing with Ubertesters cost?

Ubertesters is one of the most affordable and most flexible crowd testing companies. We have three (3) different business models, thus, every client can find the best and most appropriate model for its needs. The most flexible plan is buying a “Bank of testing hours” and use it just when needed. For companies with more focused testing needs, we offer our “Project Based” pricing. This is a customized test plan that is based on specific needs for a single test cycle/test project. Lastly, we offer our “Premier” model which includes a monthly subscription plan for agile teams that require continuous testing to test throughout the entire development cycle. For more details visit: Crowd Testing Pricing.

How do I pay for this service?

We accept all major credit cards, bank wire transfers, or Paypal payments. If you wish to use any other payment method, please, feel free to contact us to discuss.

How soon can you start testing my app after the discussion of the requirements?

We can start testing mobile applications as fast as within 24 hours after all the requirements are clarified. If the requirements are more specific, such as demographics characteristics, or unique devices, the testing start time may take a few more days. However, even the most complicated requirements should not take more than 5-7 working days to start a test cycle. During our kickoff call and ongoing discussions we will ask you to specify the dates that are most suitable for you and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

What is the turnaround time to get testing results?

Once the test cycle begins, it takes our testers anywhere between 24-48 hours to report the results. At the end of the test cycle you are able to view all results within the Ubertesters robust platform, as well as getting a summary test cycle report from your assigned project manager once the test cycle is completed.

How do I see the testing progress?

You can easily monitor the testing progress and contribution of each tester through the Ubertesters’ web dashboard. When you log into your account and choose the revision that is being tested, you will see the “Issues” section where all reported issues appear in real-time. You can check all the details of the issues that the testers report.


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