Regression testing

Fixing one issue may create another unwanted bug in the software’s code or features.
In case it happens, use regression testing and avoid any negative consequences for
user experience - quickly and painlessly, in the most precise and affordable way.

Why you need regression testing

  • A bug-free product after the release. Prevent any bugs damaging user experience and avoid developers’ excessive rework.
  • Ensuring new features don’t damage the software. Check the stable workflow of the whole product on any existing device.
  • Keeping up with the customers’ dynamic needs. Provide frequent releases with no worries about unexpected issues.
  • A helping tool for long-term releases. Keep an eye on the product’s quality during the long-lasting development process.
  • Continuous testing. Check the system at any stage of the development process to guarantee the overall quality and stable workflow of the product.

Regression Testing with Ubertesters

Regression tests confirm that new features and changes in the code don’t affect the existing functionality. While other types of testing are focused on the new features, the regression testing approach ensures that the overall system retains its high quality. Manual testing performed by real people has the power to find bugs and issues in unexpected places and uncover the unpredictable.


Our regression testing process is based on the power of the crowd, which means several tests can be conducted simultaneously. There is no faster way to double-check the product and prepare for the release.

More flexibility with
less overheads

We work as a natural extension of your team ready to follow the project’s scope and requirements. In case of new features, we can use original test cases, suggest new, or conduct exploratory tests. Just share your desire, and we will consult, manage it, and execute it.


Even a subtle change in the system won’t pass unnoticed. Our experts detect masked issues and possible ways for improvements. Not only do you get crucial recommendations but also save time for coding in the future.

Hundreds of testers
on a global level

Perform regression testing with experts from more than 120 countries who use real-life devices. They think just like your potential customers, make similar decisions, and can predict user expectations from your product.

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Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.

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