Payment testing

While online payment methods become more complex and include
more options for users, your customers expect the payments to be
simple, quick, reliable, and secure. Use real-life payment testing to
check if all transactions run smoothly and help you grow your revenue.

Why you need payment testing

  • The payment processor endurance. Test if your software can retain its work pace while handling transactions from several users simultaneously.
  • Purchase usability. Make sure there are no extra steps that can make users abandon a transaction and leave a purchase unfinished.
  • Location-specific features. Ensure that your digital product aligns with the user’s payment preferences, currency, and geolocation.
  • Payment integrations. Check if the software smoothly integrates with chosen payment gateways, including the latest trends: digital and cryptocurrency wallets along with mobile payment providers (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, SEPA, etc.).
  • Secure transactions. Make sure that sensitive payment data, such as credit card numbers and CVV codes, is transmitted securely during the purchase.

Payment Testing with Ubertesters

Online shopping is an ingrained habit of Internet users. If you are building an eCommerce product or a solution for a financial institution, testing payment processes is crucial for your conversion rates and, hence, for your business success. Our testers are real users, with real payment methods, that ensure your clients enjoy the seamless payment experience no matter what device they have on hand and what payment option they prefer using.

More accurate

Having the power of the crowd testing, you get insights from real users working with real devices and all possible payment options. It is the most accurate and effective way to conduct the test, unlike traditional testing with fake payment cards or sandbox environments.


Our testers can work independently or in direct collaboration with your development team if a test case is particularly important for the project. Our services are flexible to meet your business needs.


With QA experts in more than 120 countries, we test with real cards, real forms of IDs, and use payment methods habitual to your customers. We know the client’s expectations and prepare reports according to real-life experience.


We log bugs, check payment functionality and usability, provide screenshots and screen recordings. All in all, our testers give you a comprehensive report that will serve as a useful working tool for the developers and will allow keeping a stable work pace of your team.

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Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.

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