Mobile App Testing

The competition in the mobile app market grows, becoming more severe
every day. The highest priority is given to quality and customer-centric
approach - these two factors strengthen your positions on the market.
Ubertesters is offering a powerful combination of a global testing force
and market expertise to achieve the highest mobile app standards.

Increase the quality
of your mobile apps

In case of any shortcomings in your app, users will delete it right away. People now have countless alternatives to choose from. Don’t let your competitors win in this race - gain your advantages with thorough mobile app testing.

  • Top-notch user experience

    Make sure your customers clearly understand the app’s navigation on any smartphone, what button to tap next, and, most importantly, how to achieve their final goal.

  • Facing device fragmentation

    The variety of emerging mobile devices grows 20% every year, and only thorough testing on real devices ensures that your product behaves the same on smartphones of different OS, screen size, network, model, etc.

  • Proper functioning

    Check how the app works in different conditions with real devices used by your actual target audience: changing networks or different loads on the server. Any lagging will ruin the app’s workflow.

  • Reduced bounce rates

    Create the app that brings users the most satisfaction and meets their expectations. Mobile device testing will help you identify white spots that need your attention.

  • Increased customer loyalty

    Build up strong trust-based connections with your customers who will get back to your app regularly and tell the world about your product. It’s the most solid foundation of your business.

Mobile App Testing with Ubertesters

While the number of smartphone users worldwide is approaching 4 billion people, startups and established organizations won’t stand aside. What we see now is a rapidly growing mobile app market that makes users more picky and demanding. Business owners, more than ever, need a quality-first development approach, and we are ready to support you every step of the way with top-notch testing services on real devices, using unbiased and experienced testers, from any part of the world. This is the only true mobile testing practice with the best results.


Our QA crowd provides all vital types of testing: functional, usability, localization, etc., to address your current business goals and app development flow. Plus, you can expand or modify your testing team whenever required.

The global
testing power

With Ubertesters, you reach out to a large number of experts all over the world (120+ countries) who own the same devices as your target audience. We make iOS and Android device testing a real-life experience procured by your target audience.

The most valuable

The biggest advantage of our services is the expertise we obtained through the years. The real testing process should bring something more than a list of identified bugs - it’s insights and recommendations that help your business grow and gain popularity.

Regular updates
and reporting

Ubertesters gives clients the feeling of presence by providing the most detailed reports and analytical info. You can turn to our dedicated project managers who will smooth out the workflow, save your time, and reduce the total overhead. No matter how many miles between us, we’re moving ahead side by side.


Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.


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