IoT Device Testing

Staying at home or driving to work, smart technologies are following us
every step of the way. Developing your own IoT software or hardware,
make sure it matches the initial technical purpose and maintains its
market value, while clients can quickly understand how to use it and
realize the benefits it brings. In other words, test before you leap.

How your business
benefits from IoT testing

Soon you’re going to transform people’s daily lives with a new IoT solution. How successful will it be? It depends on the time you’re ready to spend on thorough testing.

  • A double-check for user satisfaction

    Check the core value: how well the device’s features help people achieve their goals and make their lives easier.

  • Improved customer experience

    Ensure your product is fast and intuitive. These are the two mandatory conditions for modern software that define your start on the market and the near future.

  • Smooth integrations and compatibility

    See around all corners and check if your software matches other devices or digital solutions. One link is enough to make or break the whole chain.

  • Increased revenues

    The improved quality of the IoT system naturally leads to higher incomes and growing customer loyalty.

IoT Device Testing with Ubertesters

More complex and beneficial IoT solutions hit the market and bring new opportunities. However, a growing number of advanced and connected products need an in-depth meticulous check before meeting their consumers. The best way to see if everything is going according to plan is to test IoT apps and devices with real people, in real-life conditions, and across all environments.

High standards and
wide experience

We provide the expertise you need to create a top-notch product. We are ready to pick proficient IoT testers who know where to start and how to conduct the full-range IoT testing. Moreover, you can send your IoT device to the tester directly and get first-hand feedback.

testing services

Ubertesters is already a part of your target audience. Located in over 120 countries, our testers stand in for your customers and reproduce their actions step by step. They use real devices with a variety of operating systems, to provide the most authentic insight and an impeccable experience to the IoT users.

Fast feedback and
detailed reports

Our expertise allows us to go into the details and come up with both software and hardware extensive analytics. They are invisible to the eye of the common man, but, at the same time, allow to create a user-centric workflow.

Flexible and
adaptive workflow

Despite the similarities, each business retains individual traits and aims different goals. We respect the work process of our clients and create an adaptive environment where you can freely share your ideas, and revise your requirements.

Types of IoT we test

Smart Devices

Different kinds of hardware synchronized with specific applications that can transmit data via the Internet (wearables, air quality monitors, security solutions, etc.).

Smart Home

The set of applications and devices connected through wireless networks. They are used at home and can be controlled remotely (smart fridges, vacuum cleaners, thermostats, lighting, cameras, and many other options).

Connected Car

A vehicle connected with other systems to improve the driving experience. Now cars provide way more than just transportation (adaptive cruise control, navigation connected with Google Earth, emergency call systems, hands-free support, etc.).

Challenges of IoT Device Testing


Managing hardware testing


Compound test cases


Connectivity and stability


Unexpected issues


Security threats

As IoT testing involves working closely with hardware, it requires more activities from testers. They need to be ready to receive
the device (sometimes expensive) from the manufacturer, test it (within a limited time period), and then send it back.

Checking is required for connected hardware and software tools,
which means a double effort for a tester

It's crucial to test third-party applications, communications between the devices, technology
used (WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, NFC, etc.), and infrastructure.

Smart solutions often include unique features that can lead to unforeseen operational issues
requiring solid expertise.

IoT apps and tools are internet-connected, so security threats are becoming the main concern
for testers and developers.


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