What Is the QA Testing Cycle and How to Reduce It From Weeks to Days?

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What Is the QA Testing Cycle and How to Reduce It From Weeks to Days?

Most software teams need to produce whopping tested digital products within the shortest terms. Any application should be completely flawless, have an excellent performance, and work according to the required specification. These requirements are also closely connected with the rising demand of the customers for a perfect product, a large number of competitors on the market, and the appearance of new technologies and solutions that constantly hit almost any niche. However, even the biggest and the most successful companies might have too long software test cycles, that might cause long delays with new product launches and significantly reduce their time-to-market. So, how can you improve your QA test cycle? What testing strategy might help you release your products faster and boost their quality? It’s time to find the answers!

What Is a Test Cycle? 

The first thing, to begin with, is the concept of a testing cycle. To put it simply, it is a set of various test cases and test scenarios that are grouped to achieve particular QA goals. It is worth mentioning that different cycles might be assigned to particular quality assurance professionals and testing environments. As a rule, test cycles are included in a test plan.

Top Ways to Speed Up Your Testing Cycle

Better testing is tightly connected with finding an optimal QA testing cycle. The reason is that a too-long cycle might cause significant delays in the product launch, while a lack of tests often leads to a lower quality of the product. Here are some of the proven ways to find a healthy balance in software testing and benefit from implementing an effective testing approach. 

Superior Communications and Preparation 

It is important to use a strict protocol that is agreed on all parties about when the product is moved to QA. There should also be agreed-upon test cases. It is always a good idea to use training on the test management tool and have strict deadlines on the amount of time it will take to test. In other words, setting clear goals will help you stay in focus and decrease your QA testing cycle with minimum effort. 

Use Cross Browser Testing Strategy 

For a web-based product cross-browser testing strategy is a must for any modern QA process. It is crucial to test the digital product with the help of various browsers to find the specific gaps and flows that might occur only in specific environments. 

If it is a mobile product then cross-device testing is critical in making sure your product will provide the same great results on any type of global device the customer is using. 

Use Sprints 

Using sprints has become a common solution for most companies that are focused on updating or releasing new software. The fact is that using sprints allows for establishing precise deadlines for completing particular tasks. This solution stimulates a quick turnaround and helps teams to set up realistic goals and estimations. The good news is that using sprints works both for development and testing teams. 

Reduce The Number of Test Cases

The idea of reducing the number of test cases might look controversial to many professionals. However, it is still possible to optimize your cycle using this method. 

To reduce the number of test cases, it might be good to rate each case considering two parameters. The first one is the probability that a case will detect a bug, while the second one is the severity of consequence to the client if an issue appears in that product feature or function. This method will help you detect the most sensitive product aspects that require advanced testing efforts and find out the features that require redundant QA efforts.  

To put it short, prioritizing improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a software testing process, as well as speeds up the entire development circle. 

Use Automated Tests

The most common solution for test velocity is implementing more automated tests in your QA process. Of course, this solution remains effective in case you have a large number of repetitive tests. However, using a “more automated testing” strategy might not work for dozens of categories of digital products. Just keep in mind that automated tests are testing the “expected”, therefore, you must not skip using manual testing. 

Focus On Critical Tests

It might be good to compose a list of the most important tests you will regularly perform before each update or release. All the other tests might be pushed to the next sprint or take place during post-sprint times. 

Avoid Duplicated Bug Reporting

If you take a look at any bug report, you might discover that many bugs were closed without fixing. The reason is that these are duplicated issues that were already checked and solved by the team. How to avoid duplicating bug reporting? 

The QA lead should create a list of known issues before each cycle. These issues are already on the developers’ “to-do” list and there is no need to report them once again. However, these issues should be re-tested after being fixed. 

In addition, there should be an assigned developer who looks at the reported issues in the early stages of the test cycle to analyze the bugs and add comments to the most repetitive bugs. That way, when the testers are searching for bugs before posting their own, and seeing if it was reported – they already can see some comments and it may encourage them not to post this duplicated issue. 

Stimulate Bug Handling and Fixing Time

Another reason for bugs being closed without fixing is the fact that the QA team did not add clear reproduction steps. Without clear and understandable steps described, the developers might fail to reproduce the bug. And in many cases, it just falls between the cracks and has never been handled. 

The QA team should get top-notch instructions on what is expected of them when it comes to clear reproduction steps (including screenshots and video recordings of the bug). In addition, if the developer still can’t reproduce the bug. They should have a direct line to the tester who reported it and get a full demo of the bug. This ensures the clarity of the bug and a potential quick fix.    

Get More QA Professionals 

Strengthening your QA team with several testers is usually an excellent decision for decreasing your testing cycle. A good team of pro testers can handle the entire testing cycle significantly faster. For example, 25-30 testers will provide great feedback and it will take them just a couple of days to complete the testing task. However, many companies still believe this option is very time-consuming and requires a larger product budget.

The good news is that there is a brilliant solution that will help you cut your cycle within the shortest terms and for little money. You will not need to spend time hunting skilled candidates and onboarding. We call it Crowdsourced testing.  

To put it short, crowd testing is a top solution to save time and money. You can hire as many professionals as needed, with any required device or any global geography. Get help from experts right when you need it, and benefit from using the most up-to-date tools and technologies. Moreover, with crowd testing, you get the help of a professional project manager who acts as an extension to the team and reduces the management overhead, as well as shortens the need for long test cycles.

How Can Ubertesters Help You Improve Test Velocity

Ubertesters is one of the most reliable crowd testing companies with years of experience in the field. We offer remote teams available on short notice to allow you to scale up or down your QA testing efforts. Our global skilled professionals have an advanced experience in various niches, and they come with their own devices. With Ubertesters, you can decrease your testing cycle from weeks and months to days. 

What is more, our innovative crowd test model offered by our company can help you check your digital product’s performance in various markets and environments. Our reports will also allow you to identify the weakest points in your product, detect more bugs, and improve your application in no time. We work globally and offer testers with a variety of devices in more than 120 countries worldwide. 

Benefits Of Cooperating With Ubertesters

  • Find gaps and issues in your app functionality before the chosen deadline;
  • Get your application tested on numerous real devices, carriers, and environments;
  • Make sure your product will work perfectly for users located in different countries;
  • Take advantage of using the most up-to-date software utilities;
  • Have advanced results of using both automated and manual tests;
  • Choose as many QA professionals located in various countries as needed;
  • Receive detailed and comprehensive testing reports;
  • Get help from an experienced project manager who can manage the full circle for your project. 

Want to discover even more about our advantages? Contact us sales@ubertesters.com for more information.


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