Our community of testers
(We call them PrimeTesters)

Test your digital product globally – with experienced testers, on all types of real
devices, under real-world conditions. Our testers have diverse backgrounds,
locations, and devices to ensure you get a 5-star digital product.

Why use the Ubertesters community of PrimeTesters

Ubertesters offers a large community of certified, vetted, professional digital testers that are up for any testing task. Our community includes thousands of
experienced and curious testers in more than 120 countries, with all types of real devices, under real-world conditions. We provide you with the most valuable
and actionable results and help you get the extraordinary digital product you envisioned in the first place.

What Makes our PrimeTesters Special


Ubertesters experts are critical thinkers by nature and driven by problem-solving. They have attention to detail which makes them a perfect match for an exploratory approach in more than 120 countries.

work pace

Our testers know the balance between pace and quality. While you are focused on quick delivery, we keep an eye on the quality of your product and timely bug reports. We’ll uncover more quality defects than your in-house team!

Global coverage
of trusted testers

No matter what your geography is, we are always here on standby: our highly-qualified experts work in over 120 countries. No cultural or time zone boundaries - just your software and our knowledge supported by thousands of available testing devices.


We are highly-professional experts who can read between the lines, know numerous UX cases, and quickly answer your questions. Do you need the fastest results? Need some guidance on the process? You are in the right place.


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Test and optimize your digital products with the help
of our innovative services and robust platform.

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