Multi-Platform Build Distribution

Over-the-air (OTA) build distribution allows you to easily send your mobile app
build (IPA, APK) for beta testing. Are you looking for a hassle-free way to share a
fully updated digital product with all its revisions? Need to seamlessly add
internal or external testers and share your build with them? Get all that and save
more time for a proper testing process with the Ubertesters build distribution tool.

Optimize your
testing process

Move forward with the best optimization practices to
shore up both your testing workflow and mobile releases.

  • High efficiency

    This is a hassle-free way for testers to reach your product, install the correct build on their devices, and start testing at that very moment.

  • Lower error costs

    Thanks to a smooth testing process, you will be always aware of the critical bugs and make sure your target customers will never face them. This is a real chance to lower your app’s bounce rates and attract a loyal audience to your product.

  • Error-free revision distribution

    A special app distribution platform makes revision tracking painless for your team. Testers will get only the version that needs to be checked which saves everyone from confusions and misunderstandings.

  • Decreased time to market

    The faster you distribute exact app revisions between all the participants, the quicker you can get meaningful bug reports, the more often you can roll out app updates and outrun your competitors.

How to choose a proper service?

1. Consider OS providers

If you need an over-the-air tool for iOS, figure out which solutions are available for the operating system of your choice. At the same time, think in terms of the long game and check out the tools for Android as well: sooner or later, you’ll need to broaden your audience. Choose a tool to manage Android and iOS betas from the same dashboard.

2. Put security in the first place

Look for a solution that allows for safe app distribution. Sharing product revisions via links is a security gap in your workflow as anyone who gets access to that link can jeopardize the team’s efforts.

3. Control all participants

Make sure that only trusted people can reach your application - you need a solution that allows you to track everyone who opens the app. For example, it’s a dashboard demonstrating the list of participants, and you can limit their access, or even remove them, as soon as they finish their work.

Multi-Platform Build Distribution with Ubertesters


The Ubertesters tool is available for both iOS and Android applications. We provide you with a reliable OTA instrument for beta testing no matter what OS you choose, plus it’s an unlimited number of users available for Android solutions.


You can see the precise list of project participants in the app’s dashboard and grant various permission levels to them, such as “Member”, “Owner”, or “Blocked” in case an employee/member has finished their work.


In the case of a complex product, you may create testers’ groups and grant group permissions. Our mobile app distribution tool was created for easy collaborations regardless of the app’s intricacy and the number of testers involved.

Free tool for
crowd testing

Multi-platform build distribution is a free bonus for our crowd testing clients. With this additional instrument, you have an opportunity to set up and launch the beta testing workflow faster and more efficiently.

Multi-platform build distribution is totally free for the company’s crowd testing customers, and is extremely cost-effective for users who manage their in-house or remote testing teams.

4 easy steps to start your safe and secured
“over-the-air” build distribution to your team


‘Sign-Up’ to the Ubertesters platform free-trial and create your ‘organization’ within the platform


‘Sign-In’ to your account and create a new testing project (either iOS, Android, or Web)


Invite members and participants to your project by simply entering their email address.


Choose the “build” that you wish to share, and the members that you wish will get it, press “share” and you are all done…all members have secured and seamless access to your build.


Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.


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