Over-the-air (OTA) build distribution is a valuable feature that enables you to efficiently share
your mobile app builds (IPA, APK) with your team for seamless beta testing. It streamlines the
process of providing fully updated digital products to testers, both internally and externally.
This feature empowers you to collaborate effortlessly and prioritize efficient testing with
the Ubertesters build distribution tool.

Optimize your
testing process

Harness the strength of our platform for crowd testing and maximize your testing efficiency. Here's how our build distribution tool benefits your testing workflow:

  • High efficiency

    Testers can access your product, install the correct build on their devices, and commence testing immediately, without hassles.

  • Lower error costs

    By ensuring a smooth testing process, you'll promptly identify critical bugs, ensuring a superior user experience and reducing app bounce rates.

  • Error-free revision distribution

    Our platform simplifies revision tracking for your team, ensuring testers receive only the specific version they need to assess, eliminating confusion.

  • Decreased time to market

    Faster distribution of app revisions accelerates the receipt of meaningful bug reports, allowing you to release updates promptly and stay ahead of the competition.

Multi-Platform Build Distribution with Ubertesters


The Ubertesters tool seamlessly supports both iOS and Android applications. Enjoy a reliable OTA instrument for beta testing, regardless of your chosen operating system. You can also engage an unlimited number of users for Android solutions.


Our platform empowers you to maintain precise control over your project participants. Assign various permission levels, such as "Member," "Owner," or "Blocked," based on their role or completion status.


For more complex projects, you can organize testers into groups and assign group permissions. This ensures smooth collaboration, regardless of your app's complexity or the number of testers involved.

Free tool for
crowd testing

Our multi-platform build distribution feature is a complimentary addition for our crowd testing clients. It simplifies the setup and acceleration of beta testing workflows.

Multi-platform build distribution remains free for our company's crowd testing customers and offers a cost-effective solution for users who manage in-house or remote testing teams.


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