Offshore outsourcing QA testing

Get dedicated offshore outsource testing with Ubertesters services to expand your QA team.
Smash software bugs, eliminate unexpected navigation scenarios, and create the highest
quality that your clients expect from your product. It’s a one-stop shop with professional
testers, experienced project managers, and seasoned recruiters.

Our Main Offering

Ubertesters offers the expertise of a dedicated QA engineer or a whole testing team to ensure your digital product works as expected and meets high market demands and standards.

Having offices in Eastern Europe, we provide all necessary testing tools, skills, and procedures at an amazing price/quality ratio. Our testers will work solely on your project ensuring the full engagement, quickest results, and detailed reporting to help you adjust the development process.

Our task is to carefully select a QA outsource talent specifically for your project, based on your customized requirements. Regardless of the product’s goals and complexity, we provide the most fitting collaboration at a favorable cost.


Offshore outsourcing QA testing with Ubertesters

With evolving globalization trends, you have the whole world of tech talents in front of you. Now, you can hire offshore testers and follow up with the progress as if they were working in the same office as you are. Your primary goal is to find the right business partner who knows everything about the QA niche - so here comes Ubertesters. We are focusing exclusively on the QA branch providing the best quality and widest range of testing services.


There are no two completely similar products on the market, so we distinguish the key software features to pick outsourced QA experts accordingly. Dedicated testers know your niche better than others and provide the most valuable insights.

Flexible and
adaptive process

Ubertesters become a part of your team at the moment you need our services. We meet deadlines, provide timely results, and switch between testing types under your project’s requirements. Collaboration with us is nothing but a well-coordinated work process.

Detailed reporting
and 24/7 availability

We achieve the highest transparency with detailed reporting and analytics. You will follow the team’s accomplishments at any given moment and get full control over the tester’s tasks and results.


Our outsourced QA testing helps you decrease expenses up to 40%-60% depending on the required range of tasks. And all our clients get free recruitment services to ease up the hiring process and save you from extra spending.

Unleash the Power of Hybrid Testing

Combine On-Demand Crowdsourcing & Dedicated Teams

Maximize the value of your testing strategy by leveraging Ubertesters' unique hybrid model, which seamlessly combines the benefits of crowdsourced and outsourced testing.

Our on-demand crowd-testing service offers rapid and scalable testing solutions, ideal for quick feedback and immediate testing needs. By integrating this with our offshore outsourcing of remote QA teams, you gain the advantage of ongoing, in-depth testing, tailored to your specific requirements.

This hybrid approach ensures that your testing needs are met comprehensively, whether it's for one-time projects or continuous, long-term testing initiatives.

With Ubertesters, you have the flexibility to adapt your testing resources based on your evolving needs, all under one unified and efficient testing solution.

Experience the difference with
Ubertesters' Hybrid Testing Model

Contact us today and discover how we can tailor a
solution that perfectly meets your unique testing needs.

Our QA testing Services and Cooperation model

Part-time QA service

The tester takes part in several projects at the same time and can be paid hourly or at a fixed price for a certain number of tasks.

Full-time QA service

If your product is complex, the in-house testing is insufficient, or hiring an expert becomes a problem on your local market, you need dedicated experts inseparable from your work process.

Fully-equipped team

Collaborate with a high-grade outsourcing team of testers and a dedicated project manager, or a QA team lead, who can be engaged on a full- or part-time basis.

Dedicated QA experts that feels like part of your team. The perfect fit for you. Working only for you. How refreshing!


Are you sure that all processes go smoothly within your digital product? In case of the slightest doubt, you need the tester’s help. We are here to give you insights.


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