Functional testing services

Your product should work in the hands of your end users smoothly, everywhere and anytime.

Professional Ubertesters QAs will ensure that your software runs like a Swiss watch.

Software functional testing ensures that a software product or its component performs properly according to its functional requirements. Functional testing is a must-be in any testing process for any product.

Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing is often performed as a black box testing technique, when the user freely explores the software product. Unlike poking the product randomly, exploratory testing is deliberate and is meant to find new and undiscovered problems. Professional Ubertesters QAs will detect subtle bugs and provide user-oriented feedback to your developers.

Regression testing

Regression testing is used to ensure that changes or modifications made by the developers neither add new bugs nor restore old ones. Re-running of tests ensures that existing functionality remains working flawlessly. It is necessary to have a core team that will carry out both preliminary and regression testing, being familiar with the app they will do it faster and better. With Ubertesters you will have a constant team ‘reserved’ specifically for your projects.

Test cases

Test case guides user through scripted scenario with specific steps to perform. The aim is to make sure that a software works as expected. Ubertesters could provide you with professional test case writers to design unique test cases for you.

Why Ubertesters is your perfect solution for functional testing

Professional QAs

When it comes to functional testing, the competence of QA is extremely important. You don’t need “just a crowd”, you need a crowd of professionals. Ubertesters team is a crowd of tried and true testers with proven experience and.

All types of devices - full coverage

You no longer need to worry about the device coverage for your testing processes. Ubertesters crowd has all Android and iOS devices with all possible operating system versions. You just specify which you need - the rest is ours.

Constant team for efficient regression testing

Core team of testers familiar with your app will significantly boost up the process of regression testing. They know it inside out and don’t need additional time to get used to it.

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What you get when hiring testers with Ubertesters

  • Full access to the Ubertesters platform included ($129 value)
  • Professional, certified testers on demand in 80+ countries All testers under full NDA to ensure full secrecy
  • Real-time activity monitoring: pay only for the active testing time
  • Functional, localization, exploratory and usability testing
  • Personal project manager
  • Multitudes of real devices

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