Test cases execution

Executing test cases answers one main question: does the product work as intended?
Crowd testing is here to help you check the full range of workflow scenarios and
validating user expectations and needs. In no time. On all possible devices.

Why you need test cases execution

  • A chance to focus on the foreground activities. Concentrate the team’s efforts on the more important strategic tasks like creating new features.
  • Speeding up the testing process. Entrust crowd testers with the test cases, and you get several experts who will work on the tasks simultaneously.
  • Consumer-like testing. QA experts work with their devices as close as possible to the real customer experience.
  • Focus on the product. Outsourced manual testing provides a well-structured workflow to thoroughly check every feature and achieve the quality expected by your customers.
  • Effective efforts distribution. Share the effort with manual testers if your team works solely with automated testing tools.
  • Decreased testing costs. Hire crowd testers and cut the expenses for test execution by up to 30%.

Test Cases Execution with Ubertesters

Software test cases are a list of steps a QA engineer should make within the product to achieve a certain result. In case the goal can’t be reached, the test case is marked as failed. Manual testers take responsibility for the test case execution routine, in an attempt to expose defects and errors, while you get free space for implementing new business ideas.

Smooth integration
with your workflow

High-quality services are our main priority, so you don’t need to spend time on adaptation or extra explanation. We become a part of your team ready to deliver tangible results.

Proper testing skills
and standards

Test cases execution requires a broad experience, and we are ready to provide it. Our testers are qualified experts who guarantee the feedback based on their skills and awareness of the niche.

As many experts as
you need

Having QA engineers in over 120 countries with thousands of real devices, you won’t surprise us with the targeted location or number of testers needed. Just name us your goal, and we’ll provide a seamless test execution process.

Powerful reporting

Fast and detailed - that’s what you can say about our reporting system. Attention to detail and our expertise give you superior service in the niche and the best results you could receive.

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