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Ubertesters is a crowdtesting company that allows organizations
to outsource the power of the crowd for their own digital testing
or QA needs by using remote global vetted testers with devices

Anytime! Anywhere!

What we Do

We help our clients sleep better knowing they can launch their digital product with confidence,
convinced it was well tested by real users, with real devices, in their actual target market and it’s bug-free.

Ran Rachlin, Co-founder & CEO


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Who we are

Since it was founded in 2013, Ubertesters has become a leading provider of software testing solutions and has proved its worth by delivering upscale testing services to clients across the globe. The company offers crowd testing services; a large community of remote, vetted, professional QA experts, and beta testers, using their own devices to test any digital product under real-life conditions.

The testers can test any digital product and provide real-time, valuable feedback to clients about the usability and functionality of their product.

The testers can perform Exploratory Tests, run Test Scripts, and follow "user journey". Ubertesters specializes in the following types of testing: usability, functionality, localization, translation testing, installation testing, interrupt testing, regression testing, system testing, and more.

In addition, the company offers a SaaS mobile apps beta testing platform to manage the entire app testing cycle. The award-winning comprehensive platform includes build distribution, crash and bug reporting, video recording, test cases management, and more. Extensive experience in delivering full-cycle QA and testing services along with deep technology expertise, superior customer service, and a large community of vetted testers, enabled the company to gain worldwide recognition and hit the lists of the leading QA and software testing firms according to many industry leaders and leading industry magazines.

Our core Values

  • We believe in exceptional customer service, customer focus, and treating our customers with respect
  • We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity, transparency, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning
  • Passion – we are driven, committed, and love what we do
  • We value our people and care about our employees’ satisfaction and personal growth

Our community inspires us

Our large global community of testers is passionate about testing and finding bugs, issues, or simply provide valuable user feedback to our clients. Our testers are professional, non-biased, curious individuals, that provide “fresh new eyes”, and who don’t take the facts for granted. The outcome – more quality defects found. We enable our community of testers to do what they love, thrive through the process while earning money within their free time.

We have an open dialogue with our community of testers, we ask them to tell us what’s on their mind, the challenges they face, and to point us to the issues we should work on together. From here, our team is identifying common themes and trends amongst these challenges, and work together to present a solution to the market.


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