Bug-hunting program

All digital products have some errors and flaws. These bugs can be extremely minor and will not affect the product functionality or its user experience, however, these issues can also be critical and cause a range of negative effects.

Crowdsourced testing allows leveraging the power of the crowd to improve any digital product by giving the product to a large group of global testers with a variety of devices to perform unbiased exploratory testing and ‘hunt’ for bugs and errors.

A bug-hunting program can provide a cost-effective means and extremely fast turnaround time for finding defects that the internal in-house organization members would otherwise miss.

Pros of bug hunting

Bug-hunting programs have become increasingly popular among digital organizations.  The reason for this is that these testing methods provide a number of different benefits to the company and the product being tested.

Increased bug detection

Organization quickly identifies and fixes a huge number of bugs within its digital products. If these bugs were discovered by users before the company could fix them, then the impact on the reputation of the product could be significant, not to mention the extremely high cost of fixing bugs once in production.

Reduced cost

Crowd testing for bug hunting can be cost-effective as it leverages the efforts of a large number of testers looking for bugs, reducing the cost of testing.  This is much cheaper than paying for the same testing in-house or via contractors, whom companies have to pay by the hour whether or not they find anything.

Speed and Flexibility

Unlike internal testing teams, there will always be diverse, vetted testers available to find bugs in a digital product. It’s a dependable strategy that yields helpful results, which means organizations can factor it into their product planning and documentation. With such a large number of testers working on a project, results can be obtained quickly, allowing for faster feedback and bug resolution. This speed and flexibility of the bug-hunting program enable companies to run them continuously for the best results over time.

Greater access to talent and increased coverage

Bug-hunting program also provides a company with access to talent that might be difficult or impossible to attract and retain in-house. Further, they get access to a variety of devices. With a bug-hunting program, a company can undergo testing by more bug hunters with a greater range of skills and talents, and with more devices, than would be available with traditional testing methods.

Bug Hunting with Ubertesters

Industry-specific testing skills

Our hunters’ expertise will reflect your product’s niche. For example, if you develop a software game, our task is to find gamers to test your product. In this way, you get the most authenticated desktop or mobile application testing.

The right approach to every project

Every company is unique, and it’s not mere rhetoric to us. We carefully learn products to help build the best apps for desktops. Functional or exploratory, localization or compatibility testing - we do it all and we know precisely what you need.

Highly managed projects

You get a dedicated and assigned project manager to coordinate the efforts of the various resources and stakeholders in the bug-hunting cycle. The experienced project manager will help with the test planning and design, as well as the communications, reducing the customer management overhead to zero. 

Flexible and transparent workflows

Our team is strongly connected with your work process from the very beginning. We quickly adapt to changing conditions and deliverables.


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