Good to Great: How to perform UI/UX Testing for your business

/ 26th April, 2021 / Software Testing
Good to Great: How to perform UI/UX Testing for your business

Testing remains an essential part of the development process for all digital products. But why should both big and small businesses pay extra attention to UI/UX testing? What are the benefits of usability testing? Let’s discover the freshest facts about this type of quality assurance process below. 

UI Testing: The Fundamentals

Executing user interface test cases is an inevitable component of any effective QA strategy. But what is the core of this type of testing? What is UI testing in general? This is a range of cases developed to check the design and functionality of various visual elements of a particular digital product. In other words, you always need to make sure that all the fields, dropdown lists, checklists, buttons, and other controls are working properly and meeting the initial requirements. Moreover, it is also important to double-check the colors, lines, images, fonts, icons, and different types of elements of an application or website. 

The fact is that your customers are likely to put on some or all of these elements when using the digital product. In case something suddenly goes wrong, the user will find the solution to be low-quality and unreliable. This usually leads to a significant drop in the number of customers, low conversion rates, and a decrease in the company’s revenues. Moreover, poor UI can damage the reputation of even the most well-known businesses. The secret truth is that most customers are not loyal to UI bugs – they are likely to switch to another solution rather than notify the company about the issues in its digital product.

User Interface Unit Testing: What Should You Look For? 

This type of testing procedure is performed to make sure that the digital product fits a list of different criteria:

  • Logic
  • Easy of use
  • Clarity
  • Compatibility 
  • Flawless design
  • Image alignment  

Many companies believe that unit testing user interface should be performed on the final stages of the product development. However, it is better to make UI tests an integral part of the development process. It is usually cheaper and much easier to fix bugs and errors before your product is ready for release. 

The best solution to make sure your digital solution has a smooth and error-free interface is to combine automated and manual testing. As for automated tools, it might be a good idea to put these utilities into practice:

  • Sahi
  • Vatir
  • Testomato
  • TestComplete 

These tools might help you complete your testing within the shortest terms and boost the effectiveness of the entire QA team.

As for manual testing, crowd testing remains to be the most powerful solution for this case. The reason is that checking  your app’s user interface is becoming too challenging because of the enormous amount of devices, carriers, and locations your digital product will be used in. Therefore, an in-house testing team can hardly check successfully the app’s performance in such a whopping diversity of environments. 

Fortunately, crowd testers can help you with this issue and make sure your app is working perfectly on a number of real devices with different versions of operating systems, carriers, and geos. Crowdtesting is a flexible solution that you can start using on short notice. For example, if you suddenly face a serious issue in your digital product, require Ad-Hoc testing, or need to get the results of advanced testing to meet urgent deadlines, crowdtesting is the best alternative for your needs.
Lastly, crowd testing offers real users to test your product, however, unlike your real users – the community will inform you about bugs or defects found and not just quietly switch to your competition. In other words – let the crowd testers find the real issues before your actual clients will do it.  

UI Testing Checklist

One of the most burning questions for many businesses is “How to do UI testing correctly?” What parameters should you check primarily? Most experts believe that these parameters require precise examination: 

  • Colors, fonts, sizes
  • Spelling
  • Icons styles 
  • Image dimensions
  • Graphic inconsistencies
  • Action confirmations
  • Lists and checklists
  • Drop-down menus
  • Displaying errors
  • Errors related to data types in fields
  • Required fields errors 

To put it short, your app might boast to having innovative and powerful features, but it might be doomed to failure in case it has a poor design.

UX Check: The Basics 

User experience testing is the process of checking how your app interacts with a customer. Here is a list of the points that require paying extra attention to when performing UX testing:

  • Does the digital product’s performance correspond to the needs of the common customer?
  • Do the users have access to all the necessary info about your solution?
  • How does navigation on the site work? Is it 100% comprehensive?
  • How does the process of making purchases in your product look like? Is it smooth and easy? Can you eliminate any unnecessary steps to make the order procedure faster?

What is the best way to make a productive and the most detailed UX test? Similar to UI testing, the most effective alternative is to use a mix of automated and manual test cases. As for automation, it might be great to make benefit of these techniques:

  • Heat maps
  • Auto record of various types of screen activities
  • Use customer questionnaires to get a clear picture of what customers expect from using your product.

You can also use different automation tools, including GTMetrix, Zurb, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and other utilities to elevate your UX testing to a higher level. 

However, if you would like to test your digital solution in the most precise way and get the results achieved in real-life conditions, crowd testing might become a truly life-saving solution.

What Are The Extra Benefits Of Crowd Testing? 

  • Diversity. You can choose the carriers, platforms, devices, and locations to get your product tested in.
  • Scalability. The number of crowd testers working from different locations is very impressive. It’s easy to scale the team and get help from hundreds of testers within the shortest terms. 
  • Professionalism. These are true experts with exceptional experience in QA. Forget about non-vetted beta testers and get help only from crowdtesting professionals. 
  • Efficiency. Every product life cycle has “peak workload” time and a more relaxed period. Using the power of the crowd, you can increase the testing team during the busiest times and reduce when not needed. This can help you benefit from using your resources more effectively and make your testing process budget-friendly. 
  • Unbiased results. If you are looking for independent feedback about the quality of your product, crowd testers are the right experts you need. 

UX Testing Questions And Parameters 

If you are going to check the performance of your product, it is necessary to focus on these features and elements:

  • Navigation between different pages, options, and menus
  • Clickability of buttons
  • The location of visuals on portrait/landscape modes on mobile devices
  • Forms: ease of use
  • The correctness of displayed messages
  • Extra tools 

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