Crowdsourced testing ROI: How to Measure it

/ 1st October, 2020 / ROI
Crowdsourced testing ROI: How to Measure it

The world of testing is constantly changing. Earlier, hiring in-house testers was the only option to set up a quality QA process. However, now there is a much more cost-effective solution that is widely used by thousands of companies globally. Crowdtesting is currently becoming one of the leading and the most resource-efficient ways to test various types of digital products. But how can you measure the ROI of Crowdsourced testing? Is it possible to calculate the efficiency of Crowdtesting? Find out the answers to these questions and much more right in this post. 

What Is The ROI On Crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting (or Crowdsourced testing) is a modern alternative to traditional in-house testing and outsourcing. But how can you determine if it will become a perfect fit for your testing needs? So, let’s take a closer look at how Crowdtesting can help you.

More Testers And Devices With Less Time 

One of the most amazing advantages of Crowdtesting is that it allows testing on dozens of various devices with different operating systems, and many geographies. Compared to traditional testing, your software can be easily tested on real devices with many various parameters. Using simulators will never give you a perfect picture of how your app will behave in real-life environments. However, using various software and hardware combinations, in different locations, will allow you to get the most detailed testing results within the shortest terms. 

As an example, Ubertesters can offer using a power of 25-50 QA experts (or more) globally, who can test your app in less than 48 hours. In case you need to get the results of the testing ASAP, our service is ready to help and provide you all the necessary information within a turnaround time of fewer than 72 hours (including the test results). That’s fast. 

Scalability and Flexibility

One of the most outstanding benefits of Crowdtesting is its scalability. There is no longer a need to hire extra QA professionals on your own for certain projects. You can make your personal team with Ubertesters grow bigger or smaller according to your needs at a particular moment. Moreover, you can manage the scalability with the number of people, locations, carriers, types of devices, etc. This is really cost-effective and allows you to use just the needed resources for a specific task. Not more..not less.  

Free Up Internal Resources 

In most cases, product managers, developers, and other professionals remain involved in the testing process. However, the time of these experts is usually expensive. Fortunately, Crowdtesting solutions can help you with on-demand testing, making the entire process of software development and testing much more budget-friendly. By the way, unlike the company’s internal professionals, crowd testers don’t mind working at night and on weekends. 

Get Extra Pairs Of Eyes 

There is nothing new that internal QA experts often perform the same test cases again and again. They perfectly know each feature of your software and how to use it. But, they might still miss something important. Crowd testers can find bugs, weaknesses, and problems more effectively. They are just having fresh eyes and are testing your app in real-life conditions. 

Bias-free view

For the development team, the new product is like their own baby. They “fall in love” with the product they developed and it’s extremely difficult for them to identify faults with their creation. They become quite biased towards the product and can’t find all bugs, issues, and faults. However, crowd testers always remain unbiased. They have a neutral viewpoint and can provide you with fresh, trustworthy, and up-to-date information regarding your app/website. 

Advanced Testing Reports 

Crowd testers offer enhanced reporting capabilities that will allow you to reproduce and fix bugs fast. This way, you will save time and money. Minimizing development costs is surely great for any type of digital product. 

Speed Up Development Schedules 

Offloading manual testing with a handy Crowdsourced testing alternative is an excellent solution to most margin-conscious business leaders. This means Crowdtesting is currently the only service for effective testing in the teams with tight schedules and burning deadlines. The companies can easily continue the development process while the components and versions of the product are being successfully tested by crowd testers. Did anyone say fast ‘time-to-market’?  

Detect Bugs Before The Customers 

Customers often become the first ones who detect bugs. This is a common issue for even the biggest and the most reputable companies. In the crowded markets with high competition, this problem might lead to thousands of dollars in losses. It is also worth mentioning that modern users demonstrate zero tolerance for any type of bugs. In case customers face a bug, they are likely to delete the app without any hesitation. This might significantly damage the company’s reputation and lead to even greater losses. 

Fortunately, crowd testers boost your chances to detect bugs before release. When testing on real devices, professional crowd testers will find all the issues in the product before clients. In many cases, Crowdtesting ROI can significantly increase the costs spent on the testing itself. 

Lower Risk

Crowdsourced testing continues to be one of the most effective outsourcing models. Therefore, organizations can reduce their internal QA headcount and, as a result, significantly reduce the fixed costs associated with internal employees. Organizations today can completely rely on Crowdtesting to manage their testing needs. Especially when the Crowdtesting partner provides a professional project manager to handle the process and can become a remote extension of the QA team.  

Get A Balance Of Cost, Quality, And Speed 

Crowdsourced testing allows releasing any type of software in a fast, flexible, cost-effective, and top-quality manner. Finding this balance is a key to success to most big and small developing companies. It is known that by using Crowdtesting companies can significantly improve their customer retention rate and conversion rates. 

How Can Ubertesters Deliver Measurable ROI 

  • Reduce your testing efforts
  • Allow flexibility and scalability with your testing resources 
  • Save costs for development and testing
  • Improve the user experience of using your product
  • Implement innovations fast
  • Free up your internal QA teams for other projects 

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