How to incorporate crowdtesting into regression testing

/ 16th April, 2021 / Software Testing
How to  incorporate crowdtesting into regression testing

Regression testing remains an inevitable part of any quality assurance process. It helps companies to come up with a more quality product and amaze customers with outstanding functionality. But why is this type of testing so powerful? What is the logic for regression testing often walking hand in hand with crowdtesting? Discover the most up-to-date info on how to incorporate crowdtesting into regression QA processes. 

Exploring The Basic Facts 

The regression QA practices is an essential part of the advanced testing of most types of digital products. It is conducted to make certain that the newly adopted code doesn’t negatively impact the present features and functionality. 

The QA professionals select a particular number (in some cases, all) of test cases that have been executed before. These tests are launched over to double-check that the current functionality was not touched by the new code added to the app. In other words, the quality assurance experts verify whether the latest code has any side effects and check whether all the app’s functions are still working flawlessly. 

Both manual and automated regression tests help development teams detect new bugs that might appear after launching new functionality or making any changes in the current codebase.

When To Use A Regression Test

Most professionals believe that regression QA procedures should be initiated each time after you’ve made any modifications to your app’s code, or made configuration changes. Moreover, it is necessary to perform this type of testing after fixing any serious bugs or issues. The reason is that the digital product is usually a complex solution, where all the features and functions are tightly connected. Thus, any changes in the code might lead to unforeseen issues in any part of the application or software product. 

What tools do most QA experts use to perform this type of testing? 

  • Selenium
  • vTest
  • Katalon Studio
  • Watir
  • SilkTest 
  • TestDrive

What is the most important thing about regression? The fact is that this type of testing should become a continuous process, where the various types of test cases are performed again and again. The results of the previous and new tests should be examined to make sure the entire solution works as a solid organism with no issues. 

The Benefits Of Regression Testing

  • Detecting bugs, issues, and system flaws at early stages;
  • Higher efficiency of the entire QA process;
  • Producing software of higher quality;
  • This type of testing can be effectively automated;
  • Tests can be applied during integration testing.

Bottom line is that by using regression testing as part of the company’s continuous efforts for excellence, there is no tolerance for bugs. Regression testing allows flawless and seamless software upgrade but also limits post-production issues. As a result – the time-to-market is improved significantly. 

Although most cases for regression testing are fully automated, many of them might appear to be extremely volatile. Therefore, exploratory testing should continue to be a standard procedure before the digital solution goes into the final production stage. Moreover, crowdtesting might become a perfect solution to unveil numerous minor and serious issues that were not detected by automated tests.

Why Should You Incorporate Crowdtesting Into Regression Testing? 

As a rule, crowdtesting is extremely beneficial. The reason is that automated tests might often fail to detect masked issues or bugs. The human tester is still the one and only alternative who can examine the entire system and notice a large number of inconsistencies, visual defects, and other bugs that can’t be revealed by any automated solution. Moreover, human QA professionals can also suggest the features and options that can be improved to elevate the customer experience to the highest level.

Furthermore, crowdtesting can help companies to test their digital products on countless devices, platforms, operating systems, carriers, and different geo-locations. This rule is working perfectly for testing mobile applications. The fact is that the functionality of mobile apps significantly depends on the device type, the location used, the carrier, and other flexible parameters. Therefore, automated testing is not suitable for checking the app’s performance in real-life conditions. 

In case in-house QA teams are only using regression testing, they are forced to spend much time locating the issue. Analyzing it, and searching for an effective solution. In some cases, the detected bugs might cause significant pauses in the process of testing and lead to failure with meeting the deadlines of the entire product development. 

Lastly, automated tests are very costly and complicated to maintain. Significant efforts are required to prevent them from breaking, thus, there is no guarantee it will provide a sufficient solution.   

In conclusion, crowdtesting is always here to help. It is an easy but extremely powerful solution that can identify hidden issues and boost the quality of the app for low costs, high flexibility, and within the shortest terms. Crowdsourced testing can be used in addition to automated testing or to completely replace it.  

How To Start Using Crowdtesting Services 

  • List out what updates have been made to the product. It is important to specify all the app’s updates (the number of features and functions added, the modifications, and other related data)
  • Prioritize the tests. The fact is that the regression testing might become more complicated in case the new elements and features are constantly added to the digital product. It is better to choose particular fields or user flows you would like to test, as well as determine the intervals to perform the tests. 
  • Use management tools. Using various test management tools is a great solution to make the entire QA process more effective. This simple tip will help you track all the tests and keep in touch with the QA procedure in the easiest way. (Ubertesters can record all the tests for you and provide you with the latest info about the testing process on the fly)
  • Keep the schedule. Determine the testing schedule that you will be able to keep in throughout the entire development life cycle. What is even more important, avoid putting testing off until the last moment.
  • Choose a crowdtesting solution wisely. Regression testing required more professional, qualified, and vetted testers. It won’t be truly effective if using beta testers only. Therefore, the customers should always verify that the testers are true experts and make sure their “certification process” is serious. Ubertesters provides top-quality testing services to all customers. We are ready to help you elevate the quality of your digital product to a higher level by detecting dozens of issues that are not recognized by automated solutions.

Ubertesters QAs are experienced and vetted professionals who are always ready to offer top-notch testing solutions according to your particular needs and preferences. Our customers can easily choose the scope of testing, the number of QA experts and their geos, as well as dozens of other advanced parameters required for fast and effective testing. The assigned project manager will ensure that the process is done in the most efficient manner and decrease your management overhead to the minimum required.
Ubertesters is 100% available anytime at the most budget-friendly price.

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