Must-Have Steps To Test Every Retail App with Crowdtesting

/ 20th September, 2021 / Best Practices
Must-Have Steps To Test Every Retail App with Crowdtesting

The COVID-19 crisis significantly changed many sectors of the global economy. Many sectors faced a rapid decrease in sales, while the other fields can now boast of having incredibly high demand. Retail apps are among the digital products that have a boost in sales and popularity. But what are the newest demands of their customers? How did stores change as technology improved? It’s time to learn more about the future of retail technology and the most effective ways to test digital solutions in the retail segment. 

What Are the Preferences of Most Customers After the COVID-19 Crisis? 

The most important thing about the customers’ habits and preferences is that most people significantly changed their shopping routines. While the offline retail industry faces serious challenges caused by quarantine measures, online shopping apps continue to flourish and attract more and more active users. First, the customers didn’t have any choice since most retail outlets were closed. However, most people continue to use retail mobile apps even after the surge in COVID-19 incidence.

The fact is that most shopping applications offer numerous discounts, billing options, and a wide assortment of products. As a result, many clients still prefer to buy everything they need without leaving their homes. Moreover, according to Insider Intelligence, the mobile commerce industry will reach $284 billion by the end of 2021. Most industry experts also believe that the field of m-commerce will continue to grow in the near future.

How Unpleasant Digital Retail Experiences Deter Clients 

Although using the newest technological advances was the top priority for many retailers before the global pandemic, COVID-19 significantly changed the situation on the market. Many stores were forced to close, while many retailers decided to switch to online selling of their products. Consequently, many businesses needed to create their retail mobile applications from scratch within the shortest terms. The others faced the necessity to improve their online performance and capacity to provide services for a wider number of customers.

As a result, most retailers needed to adapt to the new digital environments as soon as possible. According to recent studies, most companies in the field acted 27 times faster than in the pre-pandemic times. The process of making decisions and improving digital products was speeded up due to the constantly increasing customers demand for online shopping. But what might happen if the companies rush to come up with modern and easy-to-use retail store apps?

Most retailers pushed on the process of the app’s development and testing that had a negative impact on the final quality of the product. Many customers were not satisfied with the performance of these applications. But what can make the client stop using the service? The poor quality of the digital solution is one of the most common reasons for the app’s low performance. To recent data, over half of the customers reported stopping using top retail mobile apps due to negative user experience. In most cases, these were serious flaws in the app’s design. Moreover, the handy interface remains to have higher priority than low prices for most customers.

Another issue many people often face when using various retail apps is a failure to understand how it works. In case the digital solution has an inconvenient or incomprehensive interface, most users will give up using it without any hesitation. Excellent quality remains to be the vital feature for any digital product, including retail mcommerce.

A Step-by-step Retail App Testing Guide

To make sure your application will become a popular solution among thousands of customers, it is necessary to offer a digital product of the highest possible quality. Not only will it be great to hire professional developers, but it is extremely important to pay attention to the application’s testing process. How to organize the process of testing in the most effective way? Here is the answer. 

Test User Experience 

The world of online retail is incredibly competitive. Therefore, your digital product needs to have a brilliant and polished design. How to double-check that your app’s interface doesn’t have any serious flaws? Usability testing is here to help. This type of testing allows checking the application’s logic, ease of use, clarity, and dozens of other necessary features. 

Performance Testing 

To attract a larger number of customers, the app should have flawless performance. Therefore, testing the performance level is the initial step of the quality assurance process. First, make sure the app works great under various network conditions. How much does it take to respond to user actions? How will the app perform if the customer’s battery is low? What about the memory issues? The company should get the answers to all these questions before its digital product sees the world. 

But how to test your app under different conditions? The best solution might be crowd testers. If you allow multiple experts to test your app on various devices, carriers, and operating systems, you will likely get a detailed picture of the product’s strong and weak features. 

Payment Testing 

Using various payment systems is an inevitable part of the successful operation of any retail app. All the payments made by the clients should be smooth and easy. The fact is that failure to proceed with the payment or serious delays in this process might significantly harm your app’s performance. Consequently, it is crucial to check different types of digital payments on various locals, carriers, smartphones, and tablets. With crowdtesting services, you can make sure your clients will be satisfied with using your app on different devices. Moreover, it is essential to check in real life conditions, and with true e-payment local methods, how your app works with different currencies, payment systems, and other essential features. 

Mystery Shopper Testing 

One of the important types of quality assurance process is mystery shopper testing. When using crowdtesting services, you can hire multiple testers in various locations who will act as real users of your application. They will go through the entire purchase process, including payment and the delivery of the product to the doorstep, as well as returning a product to the retailer. These ‘mystery shoppers’ will provide a detailed report with valuable data about their complete shopping experience. Ubertesters might become a perfect solution to check your app by the true experts, passing the way from making a purchase to receiving a product. 

Use Various Scenarios 

Online retail applications usually use different scenarios that are unique to the online shopping field. This includes localization, personalization, and other types of dynamic data. It is necessary to cover the widest range of possible scenarios to make sure the application will perfectly fit the needs and expectations of the customers. Furthermore, we recommend testing the design layer aside from the functional logic one. 

Having advanced experience in testing e-commerce and m-commerce solutions, Ubertesters experts can handle the entire QA process of various scenarios in the retail industry. 

Device Fragmentation

The number of devices and carriers used by your app’s customers might look overwhelming. How can you check your application’s performance on hundreds of various devices? Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to check your app’s performance in different environments. Ubertesters uses an advanced system of device fragmentation to cover the maximum range of smartphones and tablets to be used during testing, with devices that are extremely popular in your actual target market. 

Handle Additional Testing 

Not only the QA process requires performing basic UX/UI and functional tests, but it is about checking the app’s performance from different sides. Thus, the process might also include security, interruption, compatibility, localization, installation, and other types of testing. 

Crowdsourced testing is the perfect solution for testing retail applications because it offers an impressive number of benefits:

  • Select the carriers, devices, platforms, and locations to get your product tested in;
  • Check the apps performance when using different payment systems and currencies;
  • Test the application on real devices, not virtual machines;
  • Cover the maximum number of different types of devices used by the app’s customers;
  • Get expert advice on how to improve the app’s performance;
  • Find all the serious and minor flaws in your app that might negatively impact the user experience. 

Ubertesters allows you to hire as many professional testers as needed, being the number one scalable crowd testing solution for many businesses. Our experts are ready to provide you with advanced feedback on using your product in a fast and convenient way. 

Want to know more about testing your retail application? Contact us at to get even more benefits! 

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