Most important facts about automated regression testing

/ 4th March, 2020 / Testing Types
Most important facts about automated regression testing

The majority of modern developing companies are using a wide range of different types of tests to ensure the best quality of their product or service. Automated regression testing is one of the inevitable parts of any QA process that helps businesses to reach their goals. But what are the main concepts of regression testing methodology? What are the most effective and reliable regression testing best practices? In this post, you will find out the basics about this type of testing and discover the best ways to implement regression test scripts into your QA strategy. 

What is an automated regression testing? 

This type of testing is developed to check whether there are any issues in the code that you have already tested. These practices are not performed to make sure there are no bugs or crashes in your app but to avoid facing regression errors. Regression errors are common bugs that appear in the product after you’ve added new builds with extra functions or options. These types of bugs can also occur after fixing other bugs. In other words, an absolutely flawless software might contain issues after you’ve somehow changed its functionality. The main purpose of any regression test suite is to make sure the changes in code didn’t cause any issues in the overall app’s performance. 

Automation in regression testing is implementing computer-based tools and services right in the testing software. As a rule, automation allows limiting manual testing for different test stages: 

  1. Generation of automated tests
  2. Automatic run of regression tests
  3. Maintaining automation of regression tests

Advantages of regression testing

  • Boosts chances to detect crashes, errors, and bugs caused by new functionalities
  • Ensures early bugs’ identification and improves the quality of the final product’s version
  • Offers a safe and easy method of testing apps that are constantly changed 
  • Helps to maintain a superior quality of the product on any stage

Top facts that will make your regression testing more successful 

Use automation. Manual testing is important for any product or service, but many processes that a human QA professional handles, can be easily automated. Don’t neglect the opportunity to add automation since it will surely save your time and money, as well as will help your manual tester to focus on more important pieces of code and functions. 

As a rule, a regression test process includes running cases on different platforms (for example, browsers, carriers, etc.), using tests after implementing new functions and options, and data-driven testing. 

Check compatibility. It is highly recommended to try using automated regression testing tools in other environments before installing it in your actual one. Furthermore, it is necessary to know that the testing utilities should be compatible not only with your particular testing environment, but also with an application itself. In case you have issues with using your cases on various operating systems or devices, it is better to switch to another solution. 

Keep users in mind. Creating a ‘happy path’, a common way that your customers will use your app is a must for any development process. Your ‘happy path’ should be checked each time you implement new features to your product or service in order to guarantee a perfect user experience of your clients. In most cases, a ‘happy path’ includes registration, setting up a profile, getting started with how to use the app, adding products to the shopping cart, making purchases via different payment options. It is important to double-check the paths with high traffic. Make sure the core functions of your product are working perfectly before switching to checking minor features. 

Update test cases. The QA experts should revise the test cases on a regular basis (for example, once per week or once per month) . The fact is that with the new functions and options, many regression tests become outdated and unnecessary. The main purpose is to update cases for a fast and effective testing process.

Use diverse solutions for regression testing. Sticking to Selenium only is one of the common mistakes many companies make. The market has tons of advanced utilities and test-management-software tools that help handle various types of automated regression tests. Use different solutions for maximum effects and easy testing. 

Don’t forget to make your visual regression test cases. The best alternative is to combine manual tests and visual regression tests. Human testers might not notice minor changes in the UI while automation might also skip this type of bugs. Balance is a perfect solution for UI testing practices. 

Make it simple. Your test cases should be comprehensive and clear. Avoid overloading your tools with too many scenarios since you might get the wrong results or skip serious bugs and errors. 

Keep your schedule. Making tests randomly or from time to time is not the best policy for an effective quality assurance process. Scheduling is an important part of any testing strategy. Perform your tests step-by-step and make sure to include these stages:

  • Collect required test data
  • Estimate the time you will need to perform all the needed tests
  • Automate test cases and execute them
  • Create detailed reports 
  • Make iterations if needed


There is nothing new with the fact that every new test is a new challenge for the QA team. However, automated regression testing can help you to simplify the process of quality assurance, detect more bugs in the early stages of the product development, find regression issues once new features are implemented, and offer a top-notch performance of your product or service. Want to know more about the opportunities for automated regression testing? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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