How Flexibility in Software Testing Can Build a Five-Star Product

/ 26th March, 2021 / Software Testing
How Flexibility in Software Testing Can Build a Five-Star Product

All modern companies need to keep in touch with all the trends in the global environment that are constantly changing. New technologies occur, while the customers are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, to remain competitive, businesses should be scalable, flexible, and highly adaptive to new conditions. This rule is working not only for software development but also for testing. In this post, you will find the most up-to-date information about flexibility testing, its benefits, and prospects. What is the role of flexibility testing in developing a high-quality product? How can crowdsourced QA testing help your digital solution become more competitive? Here are the answers. 

Top Reasons Why Flexibility Is Important 

The development and testing solutions are constantly evolving. Therefore, software engineering and QA teams often need to use the freshest technologies and new methodologies to deliver the best possible digital product. This helps the company get the most powerful competitive advantages and provides the customers with the most innovative flawless solutions. Being flexible in this field is highly important not to lose the business positions on the targeted market. 

But what if the company is growing at a railway speed but its current developing and testing solutions fail to meet the latest demands and requirements? What if the company is a small startup with little resources, but still must launch a great product under budget constraints?
It is still necessary to migrate to the most innovative software or use supporting services. However, the newest solutions are usually very pricey. 

This way, using outsourced crowd testing services might appear to be very cost-effective, fast and painless, and will help the company remain flexible. Your business will have higher chances to provide a quality product, improve conversions and retention rates, and reduce costs in the long term. 

Why Do Most Companies Use Crowdsourced QA Testing To Become More Flexible? 

Crowdsourced QA solutions remain one of the most reliable and budget-friendly alternatives to improve the software testing flexibility of thousands of companies. Crowd testing allows companies to get external-facing experience from real-people in a way that no internal system can provide. Thus, here is why it is still the best horse to bet on. 

Capacity Expansion Of The Testing Process

Most digital solutions are designed for a wide audience, where the customers are located in different countries and often use a whopping number of various devices and carriers. Therefore, the number of testing combinations might appear to be too overwhelming for an in-house testing team. Crowdesting helps companies to become more flexible and scalable, and test their products on countless devices, carriers, and geos. After all, the final digital solution has a higher quality and provides a better customer experience. 


The process of testing might often require very short notice or even Ad-Hoc testing to accelerate the entire testing process. Crowd testers are always available to start testing since the working model of the service is “on-demand”. This means the testing might take place on holidays, weekends, nights, or off-hours depending on the client’s needs. This provides much better flexibility as planning a test cycle can be done in as little as 24 hours.

Better Security

It is often difficult to meet the requirements of the newest security policies when keeping the same level of testing and agility. Fortunately, crowd testing services are ready to solve this issue. 

Manual Vs. Automation 

Crowdtesting is based on manual testing. This service currently remains the most adaptable and manageable alternative available to most companies. Although many organizations use automation, the most flexible solution is still crowd testing. Working in Agile means you need to react quickly to any requirements changes. Unlike when using automation, with crowd testing, you can quickly test a new feature or any changes in the UI. In other words, you just test and get the results immediately.

Safe Way For Checking Compatibility 

It is important to double-check the compatibility of your digital solutions with the latest versions of mobile operating systems. But is it possible to put a new testing environment into practice without jeopardizing your current stable one you use for app builds? Flexible tests provided by crowd testing solutions might become a perfect fit for your needs. 

Quick Kickoff 

To remain competitive these days a company must react fast and not waste weeks on adopting new services. Starting to use crowd testing is really painless to the organizations and does not require long planning periods. All it takes is a short one-hour kickoff call with the assigned project manager and the test cycle can start within a few short hours.  

Flexibility In Testing 

Understanding the boundaries and making them more flexible allows companies to adapt to new conditions without affecting an ability to provide a digital product of top-notch quality. Here are some facts on how using crowd testing can help your testing process become more flexible.


Some digital solutions should be delivered by a certain date. For example, some products should go live along with the release of a new device or before a particular event. This way, the finalizing testing procedures should be more flexible to strictly meet a chosen deadline. 


There are some products or services that require having a certain number of tools, features, and functionalities but don’t have burning deadlines. This way, crowd testing might help businesses make sure their solutions are likely to fit various devices, carriers, and operating systems of customers located in different countries. In this case, time is becoming a more elastic boundary.


It is important to note that when an in-house team is working in too evolving requirements and strict deadlines, it might appear to reduce testing and deliver a product of lower quality. There is less elasticity with in-house teams and difficulty to scale the team when needed. However, scaling your QA resources by using crowdsourced testing is extremely easy and allows companies to become more flexible.  


In case the testing volumes increase within a strict timeline, the budget should become more flexible. This means if you need to check more parameters, services, or functions of a particular product, the budget will require some changes. It is also important to find effective ways to address the changing needs of the QA process. Sometimes the company might require extensive testing, while in some periods it might not be needed. This feature is often called the “accordion” effect. Crowd testing offers the most flexible business models to allow you to adapt your budget to the changing testing needs in the most flexible way.

Top Strategies For Making Your Testing Process More Flexible

  • Team-based agile development. This is about having small teams that will be responsible for the delivery of your digital solution and be able to adapt fast to any requirement changes. 
  • Agile Continuous Testing. One of the best solutions is “testing early and testing often”. This means it is better to perform smaller tests more often to allow continuous flow and better product improvement. This tactic will also help companies save time and prevent serious issues in the early stages instead of fixing them later. 
  • Making capacity more flexible. This is about making the team of your QA professionals more powerful with the help of using crowdsourced testing solutions. This is the easiest and the most effective way to make your testing process more adaptive and scalable.
  • Implement exploratory and Ad-hoc testing. Get a human perspective of your product. Your product should be reviewed by as many users as possible, with little documentation or planning, to discover unusual bugs and issues.  


When looking for the best way to make your QA process more flexible, it is vital to choose only trustworthy crowdsourcing solutions. Ubertesters is always ready to provide you with the most innovative solutions and help you make the right and flexible choice for effective testing. Ubertesters offers experienced vetted testers that are available anytime, at any required volume, and with very large diversity, at the most affordable price. 

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