Why QA and Crowd Testing are Important for the Healthcare Industry and How to Test Such Apps

/ 19th August, 2021 / Best Practices
Why QA and Crowd Testing are Important for the Healthcare Industry and How to Test Such Apps

The digitalization of healthcare remains one of the global tendencies worldwide. More and more applications with unique functionality and advanced features hit the market. This allows the entire industry to provide a higher quality of service. Offering precise, reliable, and top-notch information to the customers is vital for medical apps and devices. Consequently, ensuring quality control in this sector is among the most important steps in the process of the development of this category of digital solutions. What is the purpose of quality assurance in healthcare? Which healthcare testing interview questions are required? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and much more in this post. 

Types of Healthcare Apps

Before discussing the testing, let’s understand what types of healthcare apps are out there. To put it short, all healthcare applications can be divided into two major groups. The first group are apps created for consumers (for example, patients), while the second group is focused on healthcare professionals. 

Health applications for consumers allow users to get medical consultations online, receive the results of tests, manage the lists of medications, and record individual health data. This category includes various types of solutions:

  • Patient support;
  • Chronic disease management;
  • Health reminders;
  • Self-monitoring;
  • Wellness and diets;
  • Women’s health;
  • Mental health;
  • Rehabilitation service;
  • Prescription medicine apps. 

As for the applications for healthcare professionals, they allow doctors, nurses, and other care-givers or industry experts to improve the quality of care. The solutions related to this niche also significantly vary:

  • Medical calculators;
  • Inner hospital databases;
  • Remote monitoring of patient’s conditions;
  • Appointments and notifications apps;
  • Drug and medical treatment reference;
  • Telehealth;
  • Other apps.

The Importance Of Quality Assurance In Healthcare

There are tons of reasons why software products related to consumer health require different types of quality assurance testing. Here are just a few of them. 

Ensure Compatibility 

The fact is that all medical devices should be fully compatible and connect to each other in a smooth and reliable way. This solution will allow the users to get the best experience of using the digital services. Quality assurance programs in healthcare should be focused on providing the highest possible compatibility with the largest number of devices. This is where crowdtesting might become a perfect solution. If your app works smoothly and accurately on various devices and operating systems, it will have one of the most important features most users are looking for. That is an excellent performance. By the way, crowdtesting is the one and only service that can help you test your digital product on multiple real devices. Experienced testers act as real customers that allow detecting any weaknesses, bugs, and inconsistencies of using the app on different gadgets. 

In other words, interoperability is one of the key parameters of medical apps. But why? Let’s explore a simple schema of medical devices testing of healthcare wearables. There is nothing new that wearables interact with the users via mobile apps. In case an app and a wearable fail to synchronize, the user might easily get the wrong results. 

Double-check Functional Validation 

Any application should deliver an expected service. Healthcare apps and solutions are not the exceptions to this rule. Quality assurance software systems and QA professionals should double-check the functionality and the delivery time of the services offered to the customers.

Crowdtesting helps get the most detailed and brilliant results of the app’s performance, validate various business workflows, and analyze whether the solution meets the expectations and fits the demands of the target audience. Each app’s parameter is carefully examined to make sure the application has the highest possible quality. The QA professionals use different testing scenarios for full-scale testing. 

Stick to Usability Testing 

Usability is another key parameter of any product related to healthcare. What is quality assurance in healthcare? It is about making sure the application is fully operational and easy to use. It can help identify the issues in the product’s design, discover the opportunities to improve the app and learn more about the user behavior. 

QA of Big Data 

The truth is that healthcare is a field that is usually related to collecting and analyzing hundreds of various types of data. These might be the patient’s symptoms, ailments, current health conditions, and other parameters. To develop a trustworthy and reliable digital product for this niche, it is vital to pay attention to big data testing. This will help industry professionals to prescribe drugs more accurately, provide a more advanced level of diagnostics, and cure diseases in a faster and more effective way. 

Work On Security 

The information about the health, conditions, ailments, prescription drugs, and other data are considered sensitive. Therefore, any healthcare app should have the most up-to-date security features to avoid data hacks or leakages. Any user should feel safe and confident when using the app. Therefore, penetration and security testing should become inevitable steps of the testing process in this way. 

It is also worth mentioning that QA experts should also check the authorization and encrypting the user’s data for maximum security. Health is the most important thing for every person. Therefore, the information about it should be protected from undesirable access by any third parties. 

Healthcare App Testing Workflow 

  • positive and negative testing;
  • functional testing;
  • system integration testing;
  • compatibility and cross-browser testing;
  • performance testing;
  • interoperability testing;
  • security testing.

Must-Test Functionality of a Modern Healthcare App (care-givers and professionals’ apps) 

  • All authorization options;
  • Clinics (data accuracy check);
  • Visits (time, date, and details);
  • Billing reports (date, currency, accuracy);
  • Customer loyalty (bonuses, promo codes available);
  • Push notifications (newsletters, personal mailing);
  • Medical history (conditions, tests, prescribed drugs).

Consequently, the best solution for testing the healthcare application is using multiple devices and environments operating in real-life conditions. Crowdtesting might become a perfect fit to making a 100% expert check of your healthcare app. Experienced professionals will have a chance to test the digital product on real devices on various platforms, smartphones, and geos, providing you with detailed and top-notch reports about the app’s performance. 


Ubertesters is an advanced crowdtesting solution that has impressive experience in testing healthcare products and solutions. We offer all types of quality assurance services that are required by the industry. For more details, please contact sales@ubertesters.com.

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