The Practical Guide to Test A Video Conferencing App

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The Practical Guide to Test A Video Conferencing App

Remote working and learning have become an inevitable part of our lives, where using video conferencing apps is a common routine for millions of people. However, users are becoming more demanding, when it comes to choosing a real-time video conferencing application. Speed, scalability, brilliant functionality, and top-notch interface are the must-have features of any video conferencing app. How can you test this type of digital product in the most effective way? What applications are the influencers in this niche? The answers to these questions and much more are right here in this post.

Video Conferencing Market Overview 

The modern market of video conferencing solutions has numerous strong players. What is more, according to recent research, the market will reach $6.65 billion by 2025. Below, we’ve collected a list of the most popular video conferencing software that has the most up-to-date features and functionality. 


Zoom is a world-famous video conferencing platform with excellent design, almost flawless performance, and plenty of advanced features. The app’s popularity has been growing starting from 2020, the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Currently, the app occupies about 50% of the market share and it is still growing. For example, the number of meeting minutes Zoom facilitates each year is over 3.4 trillion.

Microsoft Teams

This virtual meeting app also is one of the major players in the global arena, with 23% of the video conferencing market share. One of the app’s benefits is a handy chat, the ability to send files, and a convenient calendar. 


Another video conferencing application with over 10 million users (about 11% of the market share) is Slack. The app is ready to offer audio and video calls, as well as allows setting up reminders, discovering the team’s availability, and many other great options. 

Skype for Business

Being one of the pioneers in the world of video conference programming, Skype has a handy digital product for office workers and employees working remotely. The app has millions of users and can boast of covering about 1.52% of the market share. 

Google Meet

Google Meet is a high-tech and feature-rich application with around 4% of the market share. Along with audio and video conferencing, it has live streaming, raise hands, record a meeting, translated captions, and other built-in features. 

Cisco WebEx

Video meetings, screen sharing, webinars, and other functionality is available on Cisco WebEx which has 11% of the global market share. 


JIBB is an innovative app with a video conference function that has an extra feature such as built-in online whiteboard for real-time collaboration. Although the application is a new player on the market, it has been attracting new users at a railway speed. 

Video Conferencing Testing

There are numerous parts of the cloud meeting app that can be tested, not only related to functionality but also for their quality.

  • Audio quality – testing the audio calls only;
  • Video quality – checking the transmission of both audio and video;
  • Screen-sharing – an option of sharing the screen during the audio/video call;
  • Group calls – audio/video calls that allow communication between a large number of participants; 
  • Video frame rate – the number of times images are changed on a screen per second (movement feature);
  • Network bandwidth – can cause drops in video and audio quality during calls, and delayed responses during the call. 

Video Conferencing App How to Test

Testing video conferencing applications requires a complex approach and a large number of functions and options to check during the QA process. 

Usability Testing

Is your application ready to meet the expectations of users? Is it comprehensive? Are there any serious bugs or crashes a user might face when using your digital product? It is crucial to find the answers before your app goes live. 

Functional Testing

Does your video conferencing application meet all the software requirements? Is the entire functionality operating as expected? The functional testing will help you find out. 

User Experience Testing

Will a common user enjoy using your app? It is crucial to test the app using various user journeys and check the app’s navigation, load time, and user flow complexity. It is recommended to select beta testers, and many of them, who are ready to provide you with unbiased opinions. 

Load testing 

Load testing is usually performed using specific designated tools. It is about testing your digital product under stress. For example, will your app have an excellent performance if a large number of clients use it at the same moment? Is there any effect by using audio+video, versus using audio only when hundreds of people are connected?  

Cross-platform Testing 

Your application should be easy and comfortable to use on various devices and platforms – from desktop to mobile, from iOS to Android, and with different types of browsers. Cross-platform testing is performed to check these features under a large matrix of different alternatives and various combinations. 

Testing on many global Real Devices 

It is important to test your application on different device levels (high, mid and low-end devices), different platforms (mobile iOS, mobile Android, desktops), various screen sizes, Wi-Fi or data (2G, 3G, 4G), and several global locations to make sure it works perfectly for users with different devices. 

How Can Crowd Testing Benefit Video Conferencing App Testing?

First, crowdesting has a customizable coverage of different types of devices. You can choose the types of devices, operating systems, carriers, and other unique features to test your video-conferencing application. Crowd testing is a unique scalable service that perfectly fits the needs of even the most complicated and high-level digital products. 

Second, crowdtesting is about performing tests with reasl people, on real devices in real-life environments. Experienced global QA engineers will provide you with more impressive results compared to any automated software, or emulators. 

Third, crowdtesting is a powerful solution to test your app under load. This will allow you to make sure your app will survive and demonstrate excellent performance under stress.

Lastly, crowd testing is the most flexible and cost-effective way to allow you to scale up or scale down your testing efforts in the fastest most efficient way. Since it’s a managed service and you get a dedicated assigned project manager to handle the test cycle – there is very little management overhead on the client’s part. 

Ubertesters’ Experience In Testing Video Conferencing Apps

Our company has impressive experience testing dozens of different types of applications, including video conferencing solutions. 

JIBB, one of our dedicated customers, is a modern digital product that can help you turn a physical dry-erase board or whiteboard into an online whiteboard using any webcam for real-time collaboration. This service also allows receiving a top-notch digital version of any handwritten content from any physical surface (for example, lapboard, whiteboard, or piece of paper) directly on your screen. Offering a unique and convenient approach to conducting meetings, the product required advanced testing. 

How did Ubertesters help? Dozens of real testers used the JIBB product using physical writing tools, performing usability, functionality, and UX testing at the same time. Since the company had strict requirements, crowd testing was the only solution to fit its needs. Ubertesters build a strong team of professional testers who used their own whiteboards and devices to test an application from different sides. Moreover, the project manager, assigned by Ubertesters created the unique testing matrix with all needed test scenarios, and then managed the testing process to ensure its success in a global market.

We have many other advantages you might need to know. Contact us at for more details.

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