Sunil, Ubertester: “I’ve been involved as a professional QA Software Tester for over the past 19 years.”

/ 8th April, 2015 / Ubertester Tells
Sunil, Ubertester: “I’ve been involved as a professional QA Software Tester for over the past 19 years.”

As it is with many other things in life, the way someone tests is deeply influenced by their years of experience.

Sunil, the Ubertester from the United States, has 19 years of experience, a track record of achievement, and a good reputation within the testers community.

Sunil is 42 years old. He was born and raised in New York but relocated to and live in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Metro (the largest metropolitan area in the South).

As mentioned above, Sunil has been involved as a professional Quality Assurance Software Tester for over the past 19 years and joined the Ubertesters community of professional testers in the beginning of 2014. Before joining Ubertesters, Sunil split his time between daytime work and Freelancing on other websites for Testing Projects.

Sunil’s involvement includes Automation Testing as well as Manual.

“I began innovating my skills sets further into the area of Mobile Testing in November 2010,” – says Sunil.

We asked Sunil some questions that we and some of our clients wanted to know.

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Ubertester Tells: Interview with Sunil, professional Ubertester from the USA

Sunil, what is a daily habit that you developed in your life as a result of your profession and found to be really useful? What change did it bring?

Sunil: I became more of a scrutinizing person when going about my daily shopping transactions.

What are the characteristics of a bad software tester?

Sunil: No vigilance of minutia details surrounding the task performed. In other words, working in a tunnel visioned approach.

What are the main benefits of working with Ubertesters?

Sunil: Flexibility in work schedule usually in accordance to one’s work schedule.

What does your ideal work place look like?

Sunil: An environment with a strong gathering of resources assembled to work with one another’s strengths to achieve the end success of a project’s goal. The location is secondary here to this attribute in my humble opinion.

Is there anything you would like to be improved in the Ubertesters ‘Become a tester’ program? As a professional tester what advice would you give us?

Sunil: Take on and build your SDK to become more complete and filled with Tester Mentoring Resources. Help testers with access to resources to learn more innovative things in regards to web, mobile or tablet related testing as well as access to latest news on upcoming projects or events.

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