Ubertesters Community of Professional Testers

/ 17th December, 2014 / UberTips
Ubertesters Community of Professional Testers

The mobile testing is constantly developing, requiring new modern technologies, strategies and methods of implementation. Crowdsourced testing or just crowdtesting is the new type of testing rapidly gaining the popularity. The organizations prefer this approach as it costs less, besides there is an access to the software testers community who are ready to start testing on demand.

In Ubertesters we have our own testers community which includes the testers from all over the world. We decided to shed the light on the process of becoming a tester and a part of our team.

Who are the Ubertesters?

The testers from our community are the professional QAs for whom testing is the job and a hobby. The Ubertesters are not the hired specialists and consultants, they are doing testing when we ask for it.

When some organization would like to test an app, we involve the testers with the suitable devices and from required locations.

Our testers are from 58 countries – US, Israel, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, Germany, Mexico, China, Spain, etc.

How to become a tester?

If you have a smartphone or tablet, have previous QA experience, would like to improve your skills – you can become a part of our community. The process of becoming an Ubertester is rather simple:

  1. Fill in the form – tell us about yourself your skills.
  2. Get certified with us – one of our project managers will contact you. After the interview and a short test, you’ll get the certificate from us.
  3. Test the apps and earn money – when there is a request for app testing, we will contact you and ask if you have a time for testing.

What are the advantages of being an Ubertester?

When you are a part of our community, you automatically get all its benefits.

Before joining Ubertesters, I had an experience only in web and desktop app testing and it was a bit boring for me. With Ubertesters I improved my test skills in general and got acquainted with mobile testing. Now I know much more about iOS and Android platforms. I had a lot of different and interesting projects. I get fun and I get paid – and it’s cool.
Oleg L., Ubertester

Check out a set of interviews with our Ubertesters.

We offer to our testers:

  • New interesting projects from our partners
  • Flexible schedule – be involved in the testing process when you have the spare time
  • Per hour payment – we count every hour spent on the app testing
  • Career opportunity – get the great experience with us – and become a QA team lead of your own team
  • Make friends all over the world.
  • I’m glad to work with Ubertesters as I test amazing game projects which I’m fond of. The schedule is flexible and I define my working hours by myself. It is also a unique opportunity to gain new experience and skills. If I have something to ask – the testers from our community are always ready to help and to give advice.
    Julia L., Ubertester

    Tester’s ratings

    The tester’s rating depends on many factors. Starting the testing sessions in time, being objective and attentive – all this will increase your rating and allow you to take part in many projects.

    One of the important factors is the reports sent by the tester. We encourage our testers to send valid reports to the server. So the project managers can expect them to provide explicit feedback about the bugs and issues noticed in the app behavior.

    Start your career here!

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