Srikrishna, Ubertester: “Every morning I wake up and plan my day, it helps me focus better on my goals.”

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Srikrishna, Ubertester: “Every morning I wake up and plan my day, it helps me focus better on my goals.”

India is a land of contrasts, color, vibrance and art. The Indian society is famous for its traditions and strong family values. Its people are known for their honesty and hard work. “In my country people are simple and helpful,” – says Srikrishna, a professional Ubertester who is going to share his inspiring story today.

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Srikrishna is a 25-year-old professional tester with 3 years of experience in programming and testing.

Before joining the Ubertesters community of professional testers, Srikrishna hold a full-time position as a programmer in Indian government project.

“My strengths are an ability to think from users perspective and risk management. I like to perform manual exploratory testing because it helps to find as many issues as it possible,” – says Srikrishna.

Traditionally, we asked Srikrishna seven questions that we and some of our clients wanted to know.

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Ubertester Tells: Interview with Srikrishna, a professional Ubertester from India

Srikrishna, what was the most exciting project you had in your Ubertesters QA career?

Srikrishna: I tested a live video broadcasting app which was one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. As a tester, you needed to broadcast yourself and find bugs in the process, and this was really interesting.

What is the most horrifying/bizarre bug you ever encountered?

Srikrishna: For one of the projects I was asked to run a game in the offline mode. And every time I run it in the offline mode, the game got stuck. This bug is the most horrifying bug I have ever encountered.
Of course, after I have reported the bug as critical, a developer fixed it. Once fixed I rechecked and it worked fine. Whew!

What is a daily habit that you developed in your life as a result of your profession and found to be really useful? What change did it bring?

Srikrishna: When I became a tester I needed to change many things in my daily life. First thing was time and work planning. Every morning I wake up and plan my day, it helps me focus better on my goals.
In order to increase your work productivity, you need to plan your time without forgetting the most important priorities both at work and in your personal life.

What are the main benefits of working with Ubertesters?

Srikrishna: Flexibility in work schedule – I can work when I’m free. I like this most.

What are the characteristics of a bad software tester?

Srikrishna: Laziness. Tendency to find only ‘easy bugs’ such as UI issues but not functional ones are the characteristics of a bad software tester, I think.

What does your ideal work place look like?

Srikrishna: A place full of all devices and the capacity I need.

What advice would you like to give to testers who are just starting their career in Ubertesters?

Srikrishna: Be focused on testing. Stay motivated towards finding functional bugs.

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