Beta Testing Enterprise Apps Without AppStore Review

/ 13th February, 2015 / iOS

In view of the old standalone TestFlight beta testing service’s shutdown on February 26, 2015, many development teams who used to work with TestFlight, today have to switch their testing processes to the iTunes Connect Testing service or to search for other alternatives. (learn more on how to migrate from TestFlight to Ubertesters with ease)

Builds from an old TestFlight will not be transferred automatically, thus developers will need to set up their builds from scratch for the new TestFlight in iTunes Connect.

Worse still, some development teams will not be able to test their build at all. As you may guess, we are speaking about developers of enterprise apps.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the business process of any modern self-respecting company without usage of own mobile applications that help to strengthen interaction with customers as well as to enhance the process of internal communication.

Aberdeen Group undertook a study in far 2003 and found out that approximately 65% of respondents have already made the mobile software initiatives an essential part of their corporate strategy. Today, many years on, enterprise app is an essential part of every business.

The benefits of using the mobile enterprise applications in the business process are as follows:

  • They help to improve company’s competitiveness;
  • Improve and enhancing the business process;
  • Give the employees the opportunity to be more mobile and to have freedom of movement;
  • Meet the requirements concerning data integration.

Why you can’t beta test enterprise apps in the iTunes Connect

A simple fact: iTunes Beta Testing policy allows you to test your app externally only after a Beta App Review. Your enterprise app must comply with the full App Store Guidelines before testing can begin. Obviously, your enterprise apps will not pass the review.

The message is clear. So how do you solve this problem?

The solution lies within the title of this article: Beta Testing Enterprise Apps Without AppStore Review.

Enterprise apps testing

But first, let’s see how a perfect iOS build distribution and bug submission tool for enterprise apps beta testing should look like.

Besides the standard functionality and a few dandy extra-features, mobile app testing tool for enterprise apps necessarily has to provide the following functionality:

  • Support of all iOS versions (we bet a good chunk of your Enterprise users are still on iOS 7).
  • Build distribution to your beta users and testers without reviewing in app store (if you use private API then your enterprise app can not pass the Apple review).
  • Simple interface that allows everyone in your office to report a bug or suggest a new feature right from within the app.
  • Distribution groups that help you to divide your enterprise app testers to your internal employees and external beta testers.

Naturally, each organization has its own ‘must-have’ features for testing tools. But two of those features will always be essential for any organization: support of iOS versions older than iOS 8 and ability to distribute builds without app store review.

Learn more on How to Save the Enterprise App after the End of TestFlight – amazing article from Ran Rachlin, the Ubertesters CEO exclusively for App Developer Magazine.

How to beta test enterprise app without AppStore review with Ubertesters

Here at Ubertesters we understand that enterprise app testing process differs from testing of a regular app. Our team created ideal conditions for enterprise app testing.

Let’s take a look on how you can benefit when testing enterprise app with Ubertesters:

  • You can upload and test the build of any OS version. We like to keep things simple.
  • Once you decided to develop Android app – you don’t need to look for another testing solution. We support both Android and iOS.
  • You can hire testers on-demand within the Ubertesters platform from specific locations and with specific devices. So you can be sure that your enterprise app will work in offices located in other countries.
  • You can create different distribution groups and add there all your company employees. So you can build a culture where insights come from everywhere.
  • You can manage and monitor every testing session. This gives you an actionable view of which testers are performing best so you can achieve a higher ROI.
  • Ubertesters in-app bug submission feature allows your testers as well as your employees to submit bugs right from within the app with all data about device and OS sent automatically to developer. So your developers will get comprehensive bug reports with screenshots even when your tester is really a regular marketing manager.

With Ubertesters enterprise app testing is simple. Make changes and test some more. That’s the smartest way to make the most of your business and meet your performance goals.

Let your business grow quickly without worrying about unwanted unnecessaries.

Nu muss, no fuss.

Try Ubertesters for enterprise app testing today for free!

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