In-App Bug Reporting

/ 29th October, 2014 / UberTips
In-App Bug Reporting

The testing process is started and testers are searching the bugs in the newly released build. You are looking forward to get the reports with the issues soon. You know that testers’ effectiveness depends to some extend on the way the bugs are submitted. With Ubertesters the bug submission process is so easy and quick, that even children are able to send the reports.

The Ubertesters bug submission tool is known to save over 50% of the testing time.

How to submit a bug report?

OK, it’s really easy. To submit a report you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Launch the app you would like to test on your phone.
  2. The Ubertesters button will appear. You can move the widget by touching and dragging it anywhere on the screen. Also it’s semi-transparent when inactive to provide better visibility. You can actually remove it completely, and to make screenshots simply by shaking your phone (learn more about activation mode SDK options).


  3. You can start the bug submission process by pressing this widget with Ubertesters icon. Once you do it, you will be prompted with selection menu where you can choose between ‘Take Screenshot’, ‘Post issue’ and ‘Select a test’ options.


  4. If you select ‘Post issue’, you will be directed to the bug submission screen. Select Issue type and severity, fill in the summary and description.
  5. Click ‘Send’. You will get a message ‘The issue has been sent successfully’.

You are required to integrate the Ubertesters SDK with your build in order to use the Ubertesters bug reporting feature.

Take Screenshot option

When reporting an issue you can start from taking a screenshot. With this option you can turn the developer’s attention to the noticed bug. You can underline the UI element, use arrows, pencil, marker, add some text or crop the image. Some of the developers mentioned that they may get some additional info from the screenshots. For example, a tester is reporting some improvement and a developer may notice some a minor bug that the tester was not aware of.


Who can submit the reports?

The group that can report the bugs is not limited to testers. If you ask your clients to install Ubertesters app, you can get the feedback from them in a simple way (simple for both of you). Check a screenshot with a short message instead of long vague issue explanation in email. Now every your client is a tester – and you can have a great benefit from it.

What can be reported?

Though the main purpose of the bug submission tool is to submit bugs, it is very useful for all kinds of feedback from your testers, beta customers and developers.

Have you noticed that it is better to change the buttons color or their location? Select issue type ‘Task’ and UI team will check it.
Have you searched for some functionality in your app for 20 minutes? You can send a report selecting ‘Improvement’ for the issue type.
If the necessary option is not found, it is possible to send feature request – select issue type ‘Feature’.
When your app crashes, the crash report is sent to Ubertesters automatically.

Check all the issue reports in one place

All the reported issues are accumulated in once place and are easy accessible through your web-interface. The reports are always at hand, there is no need to look through ten email addresses to find them. A reporter name, full info about his device and time of the reported issue – all this data is sent to you automatically and you should not worry that your tester will miss some details.

To check the reports, do the following:

  1. Log into your Ubertesters account and select your project;
  2. Click on ‘Issue’ section of the left-hand navigation menu;
  3. Click on the required issue to check the general issue info;


  4. Select ‘Browse’ to see the issue details.


It is also possible to edit the issue or delete it there.

Test Case support

Previously we spoke about the test cases support. When using our bug submission tool, you can select a required test case and report its results. To do that launch the tested app, tap Ubertesters icon and press ‘Select a test’. You are able to pause the test case and then continue testing process. After the test case is fulfilled, you can mark it as ‘Failed’ or ‘Passed’ depending on the results.


Ubertesters bug submission tool is a great instrument for reporting and keeping all the reports at one place. Its convenience, simplicity and a user-friendly interface allow you to involve not only professional testers, but your clients also to help you in testing process and feedback. Watch the video ‘How to: Bug Submission’ to have an idea how to use it.

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