Case Study

Industry: Finance, Investing
Company website:
Company size: 1K-5K employees
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Test object: Banking, making deposits using real money and real bank accounts
Testing Type: Payment testing
Platform: iOS, Android and Web

Brief information about
the company

eToro is a social trading, investment, and multi-asset brokerage company that offers a platform with a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and more.

The platform empowers its users to grow their knowledge and wealth as part of a global community by interacting with other traders through social networking features.

eToro was founded in 2007 with the vision of a world where everyone can trade and invest in a simple and transparent way. Their platform is designed to provide users with the tools they need to grow their knowledge and wealth.


eToro sought to conduct payment testing across various European locations, including France, the UK, Germany, and others, spanning both mobile and web platforms, and involving transactions with specific banks.

Their challenges included:
Geographical Diversity:
With customers spread across the globe, eToro's payment testing initiative required coverage across multiple European countries such as France, the UK, and Germany. Coordinating testing efforts across these diverse regions presented logistical complexities.

Limited QA Resources:
Deploying dedicated QA teams in each target location proved economically and operationally unfeasible for eToro, given the extensive nature of its operations.

Bank-Specific Testing:
Testing payment functionalities necessitated testers with accounts at specific banks, adding to the challenge of recruiting suitable participants.

Finding Real Testers:
Another significant challenge was locating real testers in these locations willing to conduct payment testing using their own funds and real bank accounts, further complicating the recruitment process.


To address its complex payment testing needs, eToro collaborated with Ubertesters, leveraging our expertise to navigate challenges that would have been difficult to overcome independently. By harnessing the power of Ubertesters' crowd-testing service and its extensive network of reliable global testers, eToro found the ideal solution to fulfill its stringent requirements.

Ubertesters boasts a diverse community of certified professional testers located worldwide, equipped with a wide array of authentic devices and banking accounts. This rich pool of resources enabled us to assemble tailored testing teams for eToro's project efficiently and effectively, ensuring optimal coverage across multiple regions and platforms within specified timeframes.

Moreover, by assigning a dedicated project manager, Ubertesters significantly reduced eToro's management overhead. Acting as an extension of their team, the project manager facilitated seamless communication, streamlined processes, and enhanced overall project management.

With Ubertesters, eToro gained access to a scalable workforce without the logistical burden of establishing physical QA presences in every targeted region.


Through its collaboration with Ubertesters, eToro reaped substantial benefits and achieved meaningful outcomes:

Thorough Bug Reporting:
Ubertesters provided comprehensive bug reports with detailed descriptions and explanations of identified issues, empowering eToro to address them promptly and effectively.

Enhanced Test Quality:
By engaging testers with accounts at specific banks, eToro ensured that testing scenarios closely mirrored real-world user behaviors. This meticulous approach led to higher test quality and more accurate results, ultimately enhancing the overall reliability and functionality of eToro's payment systems.

Cost Savings:
eToro realized significant cost savings by leveraging Ubertesters' crowdtesting service, which eliminated the need for maintaining dedicated QA teams in each targeted region. This streamlined approach allowed eToro to optimize its testing budget while maintaining stringent testing standards and achieving desired outcomes.

Improved Product Performance:
The rigorous testing conducted by Ubertesters contributed to the overall improvement of eToro's product performance, resulting in enhanced user experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced instances of payment-related issues or errors.

Why Ubertesters

Ubertesters stands out as the preferred crowdtesting provider for eToro, offering a blend of cost-efficiency, client-centricity, and adaptability that surpassed competitors in the field. Key factors that cemented Ubertesters' position as the top choice included:

Global Network of Certified Testers

With a vast community of reliable testers spanning over 120 countries and thousands of cities, Ubertesters provided eToro with access to testers in specific locations with diverse devices, operating systems, carriers, and payment methods. This extensive network ensured that eToro's testing requirements could be met promptly and effectively.

Quality Project Management and Managed Approach

Ubertesters provided eToro with a dedicated project manager who showcased exceptional skills in managing the testing project effectively. Their proactive approach, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex testing requirements streamlined the testing process and alleviated the burden of managing multiple testing efforts across diverse regions. This structured approach, coupled with clear communication channels and regular updates, facilitated seamless collaboration and enhanced project outcomes.

Willingness to Meet Challenges

Ubertesters' testers demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting challenging test requirements swiftly and reliably. Their dedication and proficiency enabled eToro to conduct testing with confidence, knowing that their needs would be met with efficiency and accuracy.

Positive References and Reputation

Ubertesters' stellar reputation and positive references from a roster of satisfied clients bolstered eToro's confidence in selecting them as their testing partner. The trust and reliability demonstrated by Ubertesters' track record of successful projects reinforced their status as a leading global crowdtesting provider.

In summary, Ubertesters proved to be the ideal testing partner for eToro, offering unparalleled expertise, a global reach, and a reputation for excellence that instilled confidence and delivered results

In summary, Ubertesters proved to be the ideal testing partner for eToro, offering unparalleled expertise, a global reach, and a reputation for excellence that instilled confidence and delivered results.


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