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Case Study

Industry: Information Technology / Software development & Engineering
Company website:
Company size: 50+ people
Location: Israel
Test object: InterQR Mobile App
Testing Type: Real-time smart intercom system
Platform: Android & iOS

Brief information about
the company

InterQR introduces a revolution in the intercom world for buildings – a smart online intercom system that gives you greater security, greater reliability, and a greater choice.
In reality, the current intercom systems tend to break down and require continuous maintenance. With InterQR system you get security and privacy, and no longer have to get up from the sofa, or even be at home, to open the door. The system is user-friendly with no need to have extra cables and a panel installed at the building entrance.

Using a simple sign with a QR code for scanning, you are able to open the door with your smartphone. Anyone who wants to enter the building scans the code and chooses the desired resident, who then receives a one-way video chat call – and the door opens.


The customer is required to conduct real-time testing of their smart intercom mobile application. The required testing needs to address a simulation of both the ‘Home Owner’ and the ‘Guest’ (test in groups) using real people, with real devices.

The secondary requirement is to get also unbiased user feedback on the system, in addition to the professional QA testing and bug hunting. Thus, the testing had to include professional QAs, with a user mindset, to provide the user perspective on the system’s ease of use.

Another challenge of this type of project is the complicated scheduling process. The Ubertesters team had to coordinate a couple of dozen pairs of testers from different locations to do the test simultaneously.

Lastly, the client wants to make sure that many types of devices and operating systems are compatible with the system, thus, they require different types of devices (high-end, mid-level, and lower-end devices) with a variety of operating systems and platforms (iOS and Android) to be engaged in the testing process.

This type of testing by no means could be executed by an in-house QA team in a single location since the scope required not only to conduct the test of the mobile application itself, with a diversity of many devices but also to work in pairs and go through the entire process of communication between a “guest” and a “homeowner”.


InterQR partnered with Ubertesters to achieve the real-world testing coverage it was unable to establish on its own and meet the challenges of this test cycle.

The Ubertesters crowd testing service, and the large community of global reliable testers, was a perfect solution to meet the set of strict requirements.

With a large community of certified professional testers, and beta testers, spread all over the world and with a variety of real devices and different operating systems, Ubertesters was able to build the right teams, over and over again, for this project and to conduct the test in the defined time frames. When testing the InterQR mobile app, Ubertesters assembled a team of testers to simulate the process of real-time intercom communication between “tenants” and “guests”.

The process included the usage of some predefined addresses and phone numbers provided by the customer in order to cover as many testing scenarios as possible. Any bugs or issues that the testers experienced, as well as improvement suggestions, were reported on the Ubertesters robust platform and became immediately visible to InterQR team in real-time.


The Ubertesters crowdtesting service was a perfect solution to meet a set of strict requirements. The team of testers was able to cover multiple mobile platforms and to get some important data for developers that, eventually, helped to improve the app significantly and make the process of intercom communication even more seamless than ever.

The quality of service and the product were shifted to a new level, allowing to attract many new users all around the globe to implement the InterQR smart intercom solution.

The partnership with Ubertesters allowed InterQR to significantly improve their product, upgrade existing features, and get important UI/UX recommendations and overall improvement suggestions.

Why Ubertesters

Providing a cost-effective, customer-oriented, and highly flexible service, Ubertesters appeared to be the winner in a competition with our crowdtesting counterparts.

The large community of globally certified reliable testers, in more than 120 countries and thousands of cities, allowed the client to get testers in the specific location, and with any required device, operating system, or carrier. The testers were willing to meet the challenging test requirements and conduct testing fast and in a trustworthy manner.

Another factor that pushed the customer to choose Ubertesters as a preferred testing provider was the many positive references received from a list of our current customers. With all that being said Ubertesters proved their name as one of the best and trusted global crowdtesting providers to meet any challenge presented by our clients.


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