Why Do Bugs Get Missed? Learn The Problems and Tips to Avoid Them

/ 30th January, 2023 / Tips and Tricks
Why Do Bugs Get Missed? Learn The Problems and Tips to Avoid Them

Creating bug-free, unique, and up-to-date digital products is a must for any development company. Businesses spend millions of dollars on quality assurance, but errors and issues in the apps are still common things. Why do even giant and well-famous companies might have bugs miss out? What is the most effective way to catch software defects? 

According to recent reports, software failures cost US companies $2.08 trillion in 2022. T-mobile, Slack, TikTok, Tesla, and many other reputable businesses faced serious issues because of bugs and imperfect software that led to data leaks, errors, and crashes. As a result, the companies got significant losses, and their reputation was damaged.

Most Common Reasons Bugs Are Missed 

How to find bugs in app? Quality assurance processes should be performed during all the development stages. However, there are still some risks of missing bugs. So, what are the reasons for the failure to detect a bug in the system? How to search for bugs and fix them in the most effective way? Here is a list of the problems that cause missing serious errors, crashes, and weaknesses, along with the best solutions to avoid them. 

Problem 1: The Tester Found the Bug But Did Not Report It 

Sometimes it happens that quality assurance engineers make mistakes. However, the more strong and experienced players on the team you have, the lower the risk of missing any software imperfection. What is more, it is better to have an unbiased opinion and use the power of crowd testers along with in-house professionals. 

Problem 2: Lack of Time For Testing 

How to check for bugs if you don’t have enough time? In some cases, the testing process turns out to be a true challenge for QAs. To avoid this issue, it is crucial to compose realistic testing plans and make sure all the members of the development process, including software engineers, project managers, and testers, keep in touch and can communicate without any barriers. If time still remains a scarce resource – consider using external testers for peak times during the development cycle. 

Problem 3: Not Enough Testers to Test

In this case, there are two effective solutions to get more quality assurance engineers. The first option is to hire more expert testers and qualified QAs to join your team. However, this is usually a very time-consuming process that requires putting extra expenses into your budget on a regular basis. Moreover, some companies might not need these professionals constantly but only from time to time.

Most businesses believe that crowd testers are a more convenient and flexible solution that can fit all your needs anytime. The fact is that you can hire as many testers in any location worldwide, get expert feedback, and support your QA process only when needed.
The other, more long-term alternative, is to hire remote QA teams on a full-time basis from an outsourcing/out-stuffing company. That way you get faster recruitment time for a much lower cost.  

Problem 4: The Test Case Document Didn’t Cover All Important Information 

One of the most common issues when testing bugs is that the test case document doesn’t contain all the possible scenarios, negative testing, or corner cases. To avoid this problem, it is crucial to follow the basic rules of creating test case documentation, keep in mind all the product aspects, understand its benefits and main goals, analyze the user’s expectations and government regulations in the needed field, and structure all the information in the most top-notch way. 

Problem 5: Documentation Requirements Are Not Clear

In most cases, this problem is related to poor communication. All the product requirements and specifications should be clearly pointed out before starting the development process. As a result, the final digital product might fail to meet the customers’ expectations and contain bugs. 

Problem 6: The Bug Is Too Costly to Be Fixed

Launching the quality assurance process in the early stages of the development process helps to detect serious bugs and other imperfections before the entire product or its components are done. It is much easier and less expensive to fix issues far before the release dates.
In some cases, the engineering team realizes that it might take several weeks to fix the bug and it will require too many engineering resources, hence, the conscious decision is to launch the product with the found bug and fix it at a later stage……or maybe never.   

Problem 7: Same Testers, Same Bugs

In many companies, the same team of in-house members is testing the product again and again. As a result, they get used to some bugs and fail to recognize them any longer. In other words, even the most experienced testers can get accustomed to some bugs.

If you want to get a fresh view of your product, its strong points, and its weaknesses, it might be great to engage a larger number of unbiased testers. Crowd testers are the most brilliant solution to increase the number of QA experts working on your product. What is more, you can benefit from using the power of the crowd anytime and for any required testing period.

Problem 8: Testing on Limited, In-house Devices 

Even the biggest companies have a limited number of devices to test on. Some of them use emulators and simulators, which is still not enough to check the product performance under different environments and conditions. Currently, there are no bug finder tools that can effectively substitute testing on real devices. 

It is important to test your application on as many devices as possible. They should have various technical features, OS versions, and other parameters. The best decision here is to use 

a crowd-testing service to get access to a minimum of 30-40 popular devices in your target market and test on them. 

Problem 9: Not Paying Enough Attention To Localization Testing 

Paying less attention to localization testing in a global market is another issue that might often cause missing numerous mistakes. To solve this problem, It is necessary to find local testers in your actual target market to test for unique “locals”. The most affordable and easy way here is to use crowd testing, where you can choose numerous locations, devices, carriers, and other parameters to get your app tested in the most effective way. The testers will represent your target customers and give you a clear and unbiased opinion of using your product before it hits the real market. 

Extra Tips to Avoid Bugs

  • Learn from your mistakes. It is necessary to track all bugs and crashes of your product to avoid them in the future.
  • Check more than once. It is important to test your app at all stages of the development process, as well as after each update, new feature, and release. 
  • Switch between the teams. Allow various teams to test different products. If you have limited testing resources, hiring crowd testers might be truly helpful. 
  • Use global, ‘in-the-wild’ testing with real people, real devices, and under real-life conditions to get a clear picture of all the imperfections and weaknesses your product has. 


To solve most of the problems related to missing bugs, companies choose crowd-testing companies. Ubertesters is always ready to give you a helping hand in this field. 

You can hire as many testers as needed, and test your software in different locations, devices, carriers, and environments. We will provide you with the most effective and precise testing results that will allow you to fix any mistakes within the shortest terms, get a better product, meet the expectations of the customers, and increase profits. 

Want to know more about the advantages? Contact us at sales@ubertesters.com for more information.

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