User Experience: Three Simple Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing Your Money And Time

/ 10th March, 2015 / Tips and Tricks
User Experience: Three Simple Reasons Why It Is Worth Investing Your Money And Time

User experience testing and research gives you an opportunity to know and understand the behavior of your users, their needs and motivations. In such a way it diminishes chances that you will produce the wrong product. Effectively, it can do a lot of good to your company. Therefore, if you are a researcher, CEO or marketer, you would better pay attention to the following bottom-line reasons why the user experience research is worth putting up money.

Reason 1. With the help of UX testing and research you can save a lot of money since…

! UX research saves the developer’s time.

Ideally, the developers should spend all their time on developing and designing the new products and features and updating the existent ones. But in practice the situation is completely different. The developer has to spend great amount of time doing the double work that otherwise could be avoided. Besides, there are cases when fixing UX bugs cost you additional money.

The developers spend their precious time not only on fixing bugs, but on checking various UX hypothesis as well. These UX hypothesis are usually based on your willing to fix the flow and can be as follows:

  1. A unique offer that has no meaning to your customers;
  2. A brand new feature that your users find uninteresting and unhelpful;
  3. Complicated configurations (as the reason why your customers are getting lost);
  4. An assumption as for the supposed user’s behaviors that proved to be wrong;
  5. A design that is not accessible and user friendly.

As a result, developers try different options again and again, spending their time (and your money) on UX testers tasks.

User experience testing eliminates the hypothesis and suppositions from the design process. You will have the information for backing up your design. If your testing was held in a proper way, you would manage to save your company a lot of money and time.

! UX research cuts down expenses for customer support.

When you are preparing for the UX testing it is highly recommended to deepen into the chat support logs. What are the most common issues are your customers facing? How much time does your support team require in order to help users with these issues? Sort them out and prepare a set of test cases for your UX testing team. The proper finding and fixing these issues will make the work of your support team easier.

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Reason 2. Focus on user experience testing causes the increase of your revenue just because…

! The conversion rates are increasing.

It is not a secret that if you want to fatten your profits, the increasing of the conversion rates becomes your top priority since it is much easier and cheaper than increasing your traffic. Carrying out the preliminary UX testing will bring you new ideas on how you can increase your conversion rates. In such a way you will be able to understand what offers are not clear for your customers, what prevent them from converting and what are the most common issues they face while using your product. Then you will be able to make necessary changes in design of your product and see how these changes will affect the increase of your conversion rate.

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! It affects positively customers’ loyalty.

Customers, whose user experience with your product was positive, will be your most loyal users. It is even possible that they will advertise your products to other people. So take care of customer experience (it includes not only nice and use-friendly design but also general relationship between users and your company) and you will be pleasantly surprised how your efforts will be rewarded by the loyalties of your customers.

Reason 3. Proper user experience research gives you a competitive edge

Performing user experience testing with the strictly targeted audience gives you a perfect opportunity ‘to spy’ on your competitors. You perform UX tests and get the necessary information as for your competitors’ actions, what they are doing right and where they are making mistakes and whether your users choose them over you. Besides, you can also find out what companies with the similar specific as yours are popular among your target audience and why customers are using their products.

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