Eduard, Ubertester: “I developed a habit to contact my manager at Ubertesters – first after waking up :)”

/ 4th March, 2015 / Ubertester Tells
Eduard, Ubertester: “I developed a habit to contact my manager at Ubertesters – first after waking up :)”

Ubertesters community unites thousands of testers from over 60 countries. They all have different skills and experience, different view of life, different stories. But despite their differences, they have one important thing in common. They all are an integral part of the Ubertesters team and its success.

For the first time, we bring together the different aspects of our testers’ career so that you can get to know them better.

Get inspired by our testers and their amazing, real-life UberStories!

Eduard, Ubertester from Israel, will be the first to tell his story. Check it out below.

Eduard is 29 years old and from northern Israel. He successfully finished a QA course at John Bryce College in November of 2014, as well as passed his ISTQB exam.

Eduard started to gain his QA experience during his college years, and tried a number of different QA freelance platforms. In September, Eduard joined the Ubertesters community.

My professional skills are improving very fast in response to what I am doing at Ubertesters. Because of this experience and my continuously refined skills, I feel that I am the better candidate for QA positions at permanent jobs. I feel professional, and no longer of amateur status.

We asked Eduard seven questions that we and some of our clients wanted to know.

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Ubertester Tells: Interview with Eduard from Israel

Eduard, what was the most exciting project you had in your Ubertesters QA career?

My most exciting project was an application in which I tested using my own PCs through my mobile device. It was a very useful, beneficial app: a prime example of how high-tech the world should be.

What is the most horrifying/bizarre bug you ever encountered?

Sometimes a difficult mobile application needs a very high level connection. When you change your location while driving, for example, or even while walking, sometimes your connection just gets worse. Apps used to crash in those moments, and couple of those I met even stocked your mobile devices. Sometimes, there is no other solution than taking out the battery, putting it back in, and restarting your stocked device.

What is a daily habit that you developed in your life as a result of your profession and found to be really useful? What change did it bring?

I developed a habit to contact my manager at Ubertesters – first after waking up :). There’s news about future projects, and projects I have finished, that I want to hear. The feedback improves my skills, and even my professional vision and news about future projects, helping me manage my time better: a very helpful change, which I reached as a result of my profession.

What are the main benefits of working with Ubertesters?

The benefits I cherish most are experiences in testing and quick skill development. Every day, I’m improving interpersonal skills, and it’s a pleasure to work with our team. Our team is, indeed, a benefit of its own.

What are the characteristics of a bad software tester?

A bad tester, as I see him, is a person who has no respect for his profession and teammates, and doesn’t take his duties seriously. A tester like that doesn’t care about his reputation, and because of this, he will never be successful.

What does your ideal work place look like?

My ideal workplace is on the beach. Working with Ubertesters gives me the priceless option of freedom, enabling me to work from anywhere in the world. I don’t have to wear office suits either; I can be free and be myself, and with that, I can succeed.

What advice would you like to give to testers who are just starting their career in Ubertesters?

My advice to new Ubertesters would be that people should be aware of positive character and be loyal to your work, reaping the benefits of every opportunity you are given.

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