Ubertesters ranked in the top 50 among the top 500 fastest growing SaaS companies by Latka

/ 14th February, 2022 / Other
Ubertesters ranked in the top 50 among the top 500 fastest growing SaaS companies by Latka

2021 was a rough year for everyone, and we’ve all had to adapt to a “new normal”, however, Ubertesters introduced several new features to its robust QA management platform, as well as adding thousands of new freelance testers with real devices to its large community of crowd testers. This crowd of testers allows companies to test their digital products ‘in-the-wild’ just before launching it.   

Despite the challenges, we submitted our revenue growth data to Latka for the annual Latka500: The fastest growing SaaS companies of 2021. 

18,047 founders submitted data for 2021 meaning just 2.7% made the top 500. 

We’re excited to share that Ubertesters ranked 34th with a revenue growth of 1100%. This growth wouldn’t have been possible without all of the product feedback and support from our hundreds of global customers. 

We plan to share some exciting new releases with you in 2022:

-Significantly increase the supported platforms for Single Sign-on (SAML) in addition to the current supported, as well as support for more ‘team communications’ platforms.  

-Enhanced focus on increasing our list of supported devices and OSs as part of our crowd testing existing huge coverage (thousands of real devices available for testing). 

– Boost up our software test case management to allow you to better and more efficiently manage, track, report, and report on your software testing.

While the number of SaaS companies continues to grow, we expect to continue rapid growth this year. 

In total, Latka500 SaaS companies did $13 billion in combined 2021 revenues (up from $8 billion in 2020) and have raised a total of $35 billion. 128 bootstrapped SaaS founders made the list with combined revenues of $1.3 billion. 

You can find the full rankings here. Listing includes all sorts of interesting data about SaaS growth, metrics, and more.

We’re in good company as you can see. 

As always, it’s thanks to our hundreds of customers around the world who play a vital role in helping us grow and rank among the best SaaS companies in the world. We’re committed to our mission of helping digital organizations launch better, well-tested, bug-free products by enhancing natural best testing practices while providing exceptional customer services.

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