Top devices for iOS app testing

/ 21st June, 2016 / Best practices
Top devices for iOS app testing

The mobile application market is becoming more and more important nowadays. iPhones and iPads are no longer a supplement to Macbooks, but are independent devices with powerful apps on board. Considering this, you need to take the iOS app testing process seriously and test your app thoroughly before publishing it to the App Store and presenting it to the public, otherwise you have the risk of low-star rating.

When it comes to the mobile app testing process, many factors should be considered. The main thing you should remember is to test your iOS app on the top Apple devices with the latest iOS version.

The top Apple iOS devices include:

1. iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3 on board
2. iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 9.3 on board
3. iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3 on board
4. iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 9.3 on board
5. iPhone SE with iOS 9.3 on board

It’s a known fact that some people prefer to keep the previous iOS version on their devices for the purpose of stability and fewer bugs. That’s why you should be ready to test your app on the top devices with iOS 8.x as well.

Please do not to forget to include iPads as a lot of users prefer them over iPhones.

The list of iPads include:

1. iPad Air 2
2. iPad Mini 4
3. iPad Pro (9.7- and 12.9-inch)

The devices released in the previous couple of years are still popular among users. These previous devices also require your attention not to miss the part of possible app users.

You need to remember the following devices:

1. iPhone 5s with 9.x and iOS 8.x
2. iPad Mini 3 with iOS 9.x and iOS 8.x
3. iPhone 5 with iOS 9.x and iOS 8.x
4. iPad Air with iOS 9.x and iOS 8.x

The short list continues to grow. Once you’ve started mobile application testing yourself, be ready to spend a valuable sum of money for all the necessary devices. Of course, it is possible to skip some of them, but this is a dangerous strategy.

There is an alternative way to cover all the top iOS devices, and that is to hire external testers and use a third party crowdtesting service. Of course, this method adds some risks as you are not familiar with the people who are going to test your app and not sure they will do it properly. However if you have enough courage to try it, or the trusted crowdtesting partner, you’ll be able to get all the benefits instead of looking for some iOS testing tools or gather the external testers team personally.

Ubertesters also allows you to use our crowd service where highly qualified testers will do all the iOS app testing tasks for you. To make sure everything is done properly, we have the best project managers that reduce your overhead to practically zero. They make all the communication so the testing process passes smoothly and with no delays.

No matter what you’ll choose — to test iOS app on device yourself or to use the crowdtesting for this purpose, stay tuned not to miss the hottest devices on the market: Apple used to release them twice a year.


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