Top 5 tips for successful mobile app testing

/ 23rd June, 2016 / Best Practices
Top 5 tips for successful mobile app testing

If you are crazy with mobile application testing, it looks like you will be able to extend your tips list on several points. Our team has collected some stuff that helps you to make a base-jumping from middle mobile app tester to skilled guru faster than you think. Top 5 are:

Mobile app testing tip #1: Analyze app business idea.

Check the project specification and try to understand the app architecture specifics. This allows you to find the main basic defects that can easily be fixed by a dev team first. For this purpose you can try using:

  • The Idea stage method;
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats);
  • PERT (project evaluation and review technique).

Mobile app testing tip #2: Functionality always goes first.

You have probably noticed that neither an app specification nor testing methodologies for mobile application cover all necessary testing aspects. Collect and ask questions regarding app specifics you think controversial. Create your own Android or iOS application testing guide to review all “shady” moments in an app testing.

Mobile app testing tip #3: Try the full stack of testing.

Any application has to undergo a series of specific testing approaches, like:

  • Localization testing;
  • Workload testing;
  • Functional testing, etc.

It may take additionally up to 20% of the app development time and also save up to 100% mobile testing time for finding and fixing “minor” bugs that can kill the entire project.

Mobile app testing tip #4: “Switch on” basic usability checks

App usability and functionality are two sides of the same coin. Take even a brief look at usability standards before a mobile app submission. Such an easy step may save up to 20% of working time for re-inspection due to missing errors.

Mobile app testing tip #5: Real environment testing is a must.

Forget about “mobile testing simulators” or only “Lab Testing”. In fact, no kind of mobile OS emulator will show you the real problems with an app. Using such tools, you’ll not get a real perspective of problems, related to a specific region, a device or a local mobile operator. The best in this case is to use crowd-testing services or to gather your own global beta-team checking the app on real devices and under real-life-conditions worldwide. You just need to make and share a complete manual testing guide for starting the beta-testing process.

If you’d like to learn more about mobile app testing across devices with beta-testers, visit our service page. You may also put @Ubertesters on Twitter if you have a specific question or just want to share a tip with us.

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