The Advantages Of Using Crowd Testers For User Acceptance Testing Over In-house Testers

The Advantages Of Using Crowd Testers For User Acceptance Testing Over In-house Testers

User acceptance testing is an inevitable part of most quality assurance processes. Also known as end-user testing and application testing, UAT is performed to check how the software performs in the real world by its target audience. 

As a rule, it is one of the final steps in the software development process, initiated before the digital product is released on an intended market. The main questions the user acceptance test is ready to answer are the following: 

  • How will the software handle the tasks in real-life environments?
  • Will the product meet all the requirements of the product specifications?
  • Will the software be accepted by potential users or not?

Why Do Most Companies Perform UAT?

UAT in software testing is a must-do procedure required to ensure that the digital product is completely ready to be launched on a real market. Moreover, it has many other significant advantages.

Make Sure The Product Meets Users’ Needs

The UAT testing process takes place before the release but reflects the potential feedback of real users. It is performed on real devices and environments by professional testers who act as the future users of your digital product. As a result, you get an opportunity to discover whether your software truly meets customers’ requirements and expectations. 

Improve the Entire Product Quality

The feedback you receive after finalizing all UAT processes will help you identify the niches that require improvement to allow you the launch a perfect, well-tested product. The information about bugs, issues, and other imperfections allows companies to bring their digital product quality to a higher level. 

Boost User Satisfaction Rates

UAT is a brilliant way to make your software better. Coming up with an improved digital product increases user satisfaction and can bring more customers to your service. 

Reduce the Risks Of Negative Feedback Or Failure After the Release 

If you’ve already tested your product before it appears in the hands of real customers, you might have already fixed the most serious technical issues detected during the quality assurance process. Consequently, you are protected from critical bugs and project failure after the release. 

How to Execute UAT Tests

Executing UAT tests is a complicated process that requires performing the following steps:

  • Analysis of business requirements. It is necessary to learn more about the product, its target audience, the customer’s expectations, and its unique advantages. 
  • Creation of UAT test plan. The test plan contains information about the functionality to be tested, as well as includes data about the test environment, required devices, amount of testers, and other types of testing required for the particular product. 
  • Create UAT test cases. Test cases are the set of steps and scenarios needed to complete a full check-up of your digital product. 
  • Preparation of test data. It is important to select all required data from an existing database that will be used in test cases.
  • Recruit a team of testers and train them. One of the most long-term steps is to find and hire experienced testers that will help you execute UAT tests. Not to mention, even the most skilled professionals will still need to pass numerous training sessions to get a clear vision of your product. 
  • Execute the test cases. The test cases should be performed one by one, resulting in a ‘pass/fail’ outcome. None of the cases should be missed.
  • Record the results. Specifying the testing results requires much time and effort. It is crucial to report all the bugs, issues, and weaknesses, as well as represent the acquired information in a precise and well-structured way. 
  • Fix the reported issues are re-test. After the developers’ team fixes all the issues, it is essential to re-launch all cases once again. 

All in all, the UAT process flow is a compound process that might often be challenging to set up and complete. Fortunately, crowd-testing can make the entire process much faster and easier. But what are the real benefits of this popular solution? 

Advantages of Using Crowd Testers Over In-house Testers

  • Broader and more diverse testing pool. Crowd testers are skilled professionals located all over the world. These experts are always ready to help you with UAT upon request.
  • More realistic testing scenarios. When using the power of crowd testing, you can get your digital product tested in real-life environments, receiving more precise and detailed reports. 
  • Objective and unbiased testing feedback. It is difficult to get fresh and unbiased feedback from your in-house testing team. Crowd testers are experts who can provide you with an unbiased view of your software. 
  • Save time and get greater efficiencies in the UAT phase. Crowd testers are more effective for UAT than in-house testers since they can act like real users from your target audience and check your software on different devices within diverse conditions. They will also start the testing task immediately with no further delays because this is their main and only task for the day.  
  • ​​Improve regression testing. Crowd testers can double-check whether the updates or changes in your software have caused new defects in the existing functionality. 
  • Perform non-performance testing. As a rule, in-house testers don’t pay enough attention to non-functional aspects of the product. However, crowd testers are focused not only on functionality but also check product performance, stability, and usability.
  • Cost-effective solution. Getting help from crowd testers compared to hiring in-house testers is much more affordable. You can scale up or down the testing efforts and resources as needed.  

Ubertesters and Acceptance Testing

At Ubertesters, we offer a comprehensive suite of crowd-testing services that include user acceptance testing (UAT). We have experienced crowd testers in over 130 countries worldwide who will help you detect all the issues and defects in your digital product before the launch. You will receive advanced reports that contain the description and the results of each test case, all issues found, and independent recommendations for making your product better.
Our dedicated, assigned, experienced project managers will take care of the entire process, end-to-end, reducing your management overhead to almost zero.  

Using UAT services offered by Ubertesters allows companies to make sure their software fully meets the expectations of the customers and has top quality.


Crowd testing is a cost-effective, advanced, flexible, and easy-to-use solution for user acceptance testing that has many advantages compared to hiring traditional in-house testers. It allows you to check your product in real environments, receive unbiased feedback, improve regression testing, and complete all your non-performance testing goals. 

As a result, you can come up with a better version of your digital product that will be warmly welcomed by your target audience, as well as attract more customers with excellent quality. By the way, these are not all our benefits. Contact us at to know more. 

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