One Step Ahead: 9 Top 2021 Trends in Quality Assurance and Testing

/ 18th January, 2021 / Trends
One Step Ahead: 9 Top 2021 Trends in Quality Assurance and Testing

The digital world is constantly changing. New types of apps and services hit the global market each day. Moreover, a huge amount of available products make customers more and more demanding. In case the clients are not satisfied with using certain software, they just delete it and switch to another solution. Therefore, quality assurance is still a vital step in developing a superior product that will perfectly fit the customers’ needs. 

However, the QA world is also reshaping. What will be the most influential trends in this field in 2021? Our experts are ready to share this info with you. Discover the list of the hottest and the most up-to-date approaches and tools used in QA, as well as the testing technologies for the upcoming year. 


The Internet of things (IoT) will continue developing at a steady rate. The implementation of the 5G standards will boost the reliability of thousands of gadgets in the IoT field. The new variable devices are likely to see the world and become common in the nearest future. This way, a new number of tools and options will also become available. This will make QA professionals use the most innovative and independent testing technologies for checking the newest products in the niche. Security, top-notch performance, usability, and compatibility will continue to be the most substantial features to check. This means IoT testing will be in great demand in 2021. 

QA Outsourcing 

Outsourcing is still one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways for successful digital testing. It allows immediate expenditure of the QA resources of any software development company, get the testing results within the shortest terms, and get an unbiased view of the product or service. QA outsourcing can also help companies with limited budgets save costs. The fact is that hiring an external quality assurance engineer from time to time, or a remote team, is much cheaper compared to having an extra in-house QA professional. Moreover, using QA outsourcing services might help you find a healthy balance between manual and automated testing. You also don’t need to purchase extra tools for one-time QA checks, since most QA outsourcing companies have been already using the most innovative testing utilities. Lastly, the global COVID-19 pandemic proved that remote working and testing is not something to avoid, and working from the distance became the new norm for many organizations. 

Mobile App Testing Automation 

The number of users of mobile phones, smart devices, and wearables will continue to grow. New models of smartphones will be released, offering richer functionality and more up-to-date tools to its users. The applications available on mobile devices will be more complex and customizable. This will surely require performing end-to-end testing. As a result, using automation in the mobile app QA process will still be required in the upcoming year. So, the testing industry will continue diversifying its number of automated testing tools. 

Cybersecurity Mesh Testing 

The amount of information stored and transferred via different channels will be growing. Therefore, security will remain the highest value for most companies. Preventing data leaks, errors, and bugs when making payments and moving data is a must for any modern business. Taking care of the privacy and the security of users will be one of the trends at an early date. This means security testing will remain an indispensable step of the development process.

AI and Machine Learning 

Neural networks are no longer episodes from science fiction movies. They are likely to become one of the elements of the future of software testing. First, AI will help QA professionals launch and execute various types of tests with little to no human supervision. Second, it can significantly speed up the entire testing process. Third, machine learning might make a smart forecast of potential issues based on user behavior. 

Big Data Testing 

Modern organizations often accumulate a huge amount of various types of data. The necessity of storing, validating, and testing big data volumes will become a part of reality in the nearest future. Furthermore, testing big data will help companies come up with effective data-driven decisions and improve marketing strategies. Attracting customers is becoming more complicated, so the need for big data testing will continue to be on the rise. 

Test Automation

The fact is that test automation will not be going anywhere in 2021. It will still continue to be a considerable part of the DevOps process. Regression testing is likely to be more and more automated. Currently, only about 20% of tests are automated. Therefore, there are lots of possibilities for automation.


Agile is still one of the burning topics in the area of software development. Agile software development focuses on the people doing the work and how they work together through collaboration. This also impacts agile testing as it means that testing is a crucial part of the development life cycle. Most companies will use popular CI/CI principles in DevOps on various development stages. Moreover, this schema will be adopted by an increasing number of organizations and businesses. 


Crowdtesting will play one of the leading roles in the process of digital testing. Using virtual machines and emulators is no longer a reliable way to test the product developed to hit the mass audience globally. To ensure the top quality of any application, it is necessary to make sure it perfectly works on various types of devices, carriers, operating systems, and locations. The only mobile web testing solution that can help you achieve this goal is crowdtesting. 

Ubertesters continues to be one of the innovative and up-to-date solutions in the QA and testing segment. In case you would like to know more about the newest testing opportunities, contact us at

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