How to Integrate the Ubertesters with a Bug Tracker

/ 8th October, 2014 / UberTips
How to Integrate the Ubertesters with a Bug Tracker

Bug trackers are created to help the developers to detect, keep the track of the software bugs and manage the process of fixing them. It is difficult to exaggerate their importance in testing process. The bug trackers allow you to not only fix the bugs, but also have beta idea of your product. The variety of bug trackers – client-servers, distributive and hosted allows you to choose the solution that suits your needs.

In Ubertesters we understand that some of our clients would like to use their old favorite bug tracker along with our platform. To make this possible, we implemented the integration between Ubertesters and the bug tracking systems.

At the moment we provide the integration with the following bug trackers: Jira, RedMine, YouTrack, Mantis, Unfuddle and HP Quality Center.

How to integrate your bug tracker with Ubertesters

It is possible to integrate your bug tracker with Ubertesters within a few clicks. When you are logged in your Ubertesters account, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to ‘Projects’ tab and click on the required project.
  2. Access ‘Administration’ section > ‘Issue tracker’.
    How to Integrate the Ubertesters with a Bug Tracker
  3. Fill in your bug tracker address, subdomain or API access key and your bug tracker credentials.
  4. Click on ‘Connect’ button.
    How to Integrate the Ubertesters with a Bug Tracker

That’s it! Your bug tracker is integrated.

Important: After you pushed an issue to a bug tracker, it cannot be edited in Ubertesters anymore as this may lead to misapprehension caused by multiple versions of the same issue on Ubertesters and in a bug tracker. We are working on the implementation of 2-way synchronization between our platform and the supported bug trackers. When it is implemented, the users will be able to edit the issues after having them pushed to their bug trackers.

Custom Fields in Bug Tracking Systems

Most of the bug trackers have their own custom fields that are not supported by Ubertesters. How to push the issue to a bug tracker in this case?

If the field is number, string or dropdown, no actions are required – the issue will be pushed without any problem.

If the obligatory custom field is different from the above, you need to specify its default value in your bug tracker. In other case, the following warning will be shown:

Warning ! These fields are required but are not supported by Ubertesters.
Please make sure that you set default values for these fields in Your bug tracker.

When the default values to the custom fields are specified, you will be able to push the issue. There will be no custom fields when pushing it from the Ubertesters, however the issue will be created in the bug tracker with the values you’ve set as the default ones.

Using a bug tracker integration with Ubertesters, you take all the advantages of both systems. Send the issue directly from the mobile phone, make some initial notes on it or modify – and push to the bug tracker for further investigation. You should not worry that some of the issues will be lost – we are taking care of all of them. Would like to track all the reported issues in Ubertesters and a bug tracker without wasting your time on the synchronization? Our integration feature is for you!

Try it now.

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