All You Need To Know About Testing Crypto Wallet Apps

/ 9th March, 2021 / Best Practices
All You Need To Know About Testing Crypto Wallet Apps

The cryptocurrency industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing fields in recent years. More and more people would like to invest in crypto money, as well as start trading on the market of virtual currency. Using a digital coin wallet is an inevitable part of making any operations related to storing and trading bitcoin and other cybercash. It should be safe, reliable, and easy-to-use. What is the right path to testing the bitcoin wallet service? How to make a cryptocurrency wallet secure and convenient? In this post, you will find all the necessary info about testing a cryptocurrency wallet in the most effective way.

Cryptocurrency Wallet: The Basics 

A crypto wallet is an application or device for storing various types of cybercash. It also allows managing digital money according to the best practices available. The most demanding features of any crypto wallet are the highest level of security, excellent usability, and anonymity. Although there are many safe and handy blockchain wallet apps, many companies face the necessity to create a customized crypto wallet. What are the most common types of cybercash wallets on the market?

Types Of Wallets For Crypto Cash

When it comes to choosing a crypto wallet, users have a wide choice of various alternatives. Here is a list of the most popular types of crypto wallets that are widely used by most beginner crypto enthusiasts and professional dealers. 

  • Desktop. This is a classic type of wallet that was one of the first options for storing and trading crypto money. It allows keeping different types of cybercash on your personal computer. However, the users of desktop wallets should have a powerful machine with enough storage space. Bitcoin Core and Electrum are among the most popular wallets of this kind. 
  • Mobile. These wallets are good for experienced professionals and those who are trading cryptos on the regular basis. These are apps that allow storing and selling/buying crypto money in a safe and practical way. A common wallet doesn’t require your smartphone to have advanced capabilities. It is an affordable and handy solution that is constantly gaining popularity. Coinbase is one of the leading in the area of mobile wallets. 
  • Online. This solution for storing and trading crypto money is one of the least popular ones since it has the lowest level of security. However, many users still prefer using this type of wallets for operating with little sums of cybercash.
  • Hardware. These are devices with a design similar to traditional USB drives. They are very handy and reliable. For example, Ledger and Trezor are considered to be among the most convenient wallets for crypto cash. 
  • Paper. This type of wallet is a special document containing keys for managing funds in your crypto wallet. 

It also should be noted that there are various types of cyber wallets depending on the currency you are going to store and manage. You can choose a bitcoin or coinbase wallet app, bitcoin ledger app, or wallets that allow operating with several types of cryptocurrencies. 

How To Test A Crypto Wallet

Testing a crypto wallet is a vital step of its development process. The digital solutions for storing and managing money should be carefully tested to make sure they have the highest level of security. What are the basic steps of testing a crypto wallet app or service?


The initial step of using any crypto-related application is an authorization. Most modern alternatives allow using two-factor authorization to provide the highest level of security to all users. It is crucial to test a form for providing wallet details and double-check whether it has any vulnerabilities. Many cybersecurity experts believe it is one of the most essential parts of testing a crypto wallet. 

Personal Profile

The personal profile contains numerous functions and options that allow you to control the balance, manage crypto coins, and check the history of transactions. Testing all the features available in a personal profile is highly important to ensure the maximum safety of your app. 

Multi-signature Support 

This feature should also be carefully tested by quality assurance experts. Crowd testing might be an excellent solution to checking the multi-signature feature of your app. You can choose the number of professionals who will test this option, as well as the devices, carriers, and locations you would like to use during testing. 

Conversion Rate

This feature allows crypto traders and investors to track the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to make sure that all rates displayed to users are actual and true-to-life.

QR Code Scanner

Bitcoin address, as well as the addresses of most popular cyber currencies, is a set of characters that usually ranges from 27 to 34. Typing these characters manually each time you use your wallets might be tiring. Therefore, many modern apps have a QR scanner for passing and obtaining the address. 


Most modern apps, including crypto wallets, enable users to set up various types of notifications. This gives users an opportunity to track all the necessary changes on their balance, as well as always keep in touch with the current trends on the crypto market. 

Frequently Used Addresses

This feature is essential for crypto traders whose business is related to managing digital coins. 

The app should have an option to get quick access to the most used addresses. 


Any type of user’s financial data should be securely protected. Any crypto wallet must have the most innovative in-built security system.

Challenges To Consider When Testing Crypto Wallet

  • Energy consumption. Blockchain technology usually requires much power for effective operation.
  • Government regulation. The legal status of crypto money might vary in different countries. It should be taken into account during the development and testing phases.
  • Security. It is crucial to meet all the safety requirements of crypto wallets, as well as ensure the top level of privacy for all users. 
  • High costs. Blockchain is one of the most promising niches. However, it has a high initial price.
  • Testnet chain. It might be good to test crypto wallets with a specially developed currency that has no value. Unlike the mainnet chain, it doesn’t use real money for making transactions.

How Can Ubertesters Help You With Testing Your Crypto wallet? 

Ubertesters is always ready to help you with managing your digital testing in a fast and the most effective way. Our team of crowd testers can assist you with testing your crypto wallet on multiple devices, locations, and carriers. Not only we are experts in usability testing, but can also make sure all unique features of your crypto wallet app are working perfectly. For example, it is vital to track conversion rates of various cryptocurrencies on different devices in all the necessary geo-locations.

Need more info? Contact us at sales@ubertesters.comfor more details. 

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