10 Most Common Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

/ 14th February, 2020 / Mobile App
10 Most Common Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Any modern mobile app market contains thousands of diverse applications that are developed to suit different needs and solve a wide range of user’s problems. A customer has a great choice of applications for any taste and demand that makes developers feel a fierce competition in the field. However, about 80% of mobile solutions are deleted by users in less than three days. Moreover, many of the most common apps are removed in a few minutes after successful installation to the customer’s device. What are the main reasons that users delete even the most brilliant and promising apps from their smartphones? How to avoid the most common mistakes most mobile app development teams make? Are there any ways to make sure your app will become demanding and successful? The Ubertesters team knows the answers!

Why do mobile apps fail? 

No real users’ problem solved. Many apps on the market are just the replicas of the existing ones. They lack unique features and can’t provide a customer with a positive experience. Being original and innovative is a must for almost any development area. In case you are creating your apps just for making money, your programs are likely to fail. Don’t disappoint your users and make sure you understand their ‘pain’, and offer real solutions to what they are looking for. 

Lack of marketing research. Failure to analyze and understand the needs and requirements of the target audience often makes an app doomed to failure. For example, in case you are making an app for kids, you should definitely keep in mind that their parents and nannies will also interact with your solution. This way, you should take care of the user-friendly interface, parent-control functions, and make advanced customers’ protection from random purchases.

Poor back-end. Any type of mobile app should always be stable regardless of the traffic flow and the number of operations made by users. This rule is working for both e-commerce and gaming solutions since both types of apps often face a large number of registrations or purchases performed simultaneously. Moreover, scalability is another must-have feature your solution should be always proud of. 

Low-quality interface. When the users face a poor design, bugs, and crashes of the new app, they are likely to stop using it immediately. The developers should ensure the product has a flawless interface and guarantees top-notch customer experience. In case you are not sure about your app’s performance on different devices, carriers or under stress conditions, crowd testing services are here to help. This will help you to have a clear picture of how your solution works on different gadgets in various circumstances. All the tests in crowd testing are performed on real devices by real people. 

The application appears to be too difficult to use. Most customers expect an app to have a completely understandable design. A perfect interface allows users to start using the app right away and enjoy using the program with no extra efforts. Furthermore, your app should serve the purpose it was developed for. Being easy-to-use and reliable is one of the keys to the success of any mobile product or service.

Issues with the number of features. It is important to find a perfect balance with the number of features and functions available in your app. On one hand, having a few features might leave your product far behind the competitors. On the other hand, an extremely feature-rich service might make your user feel confused and disoriented when using the app for the first time. This rule is vital for your app in case you are crafting a solution for beginner users. Try to find the middle ground when choosing the functionality not to make your app fail. 

Lack of attention to the user feedback. The feedback of your users is a treasured source for making your app better. Most users report when they face any difficulties or crashes while using your service, while others might come with creative ideas on how to make your solution more interesting and innovative. By the way, all the users’ issues should be solved, as well as each customer should also know their opinion matters. 

Poor marketing strategy. Having a precise step-by-step marketing strategy for promoting your app is one of the most necessary aspects of the overall product success. Having an excellent design, solving real problems, and having a stunning performance are not the only app’s parameters that help the company achieve its goals. Make sure to publicize your solution not to get lost in crowds of similar apps. 

Too long and complicated registration. The process of registration (on-boarding) provides the user with the first impression of your app. This means that the process of signing up new members should be as fast and simple as possible. Don’t force your user to fill in tons of different information to get access to using the service. Otherwise, your customers might delete the application without even creating an account. 

Lack of testing. The process of testing is an inevitable part of any complex development process. All the features and services should be carefully tested to ensure a premium app’s quality. This means that the QA team should perform different types of tests with different parameters to avoid skipping even the smallest bugs or crashes. The more polished your app is the better business results it is likely to bring to the developing company. 

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