10 Mobile Trends And Ideas To Inspire You In 2015

/ 27th March, 2015 / Trends
10 Mobile Trends And Ideas To Inspire You In 2015

Without a doubt smartphones and other intelligent devices are must have of our time. Of course, every person has his own reasons for buying these gadgets but it’s hard to disagree that they are just irreplaceable in business and everyday life. Their representations grow with each day and now developers have a new career field that is the development of mobile applications and the ways of their improvement. This process is expanding in such a sweeping and fast moving manner that it is not only phone games, but also the whole field of activity where we can identify some trends and tendencies. Let’s talk about mobile trends and what to expect in 2015.

#1. E-commerce stays on trend.

Mobile commerce represents a modern and up-to-the-minute offshoot of e-commerce. People have become accustomed to buy goods and services on the Internet, the only difference is that now they do it with the help of mobile devices and thus mobile applications. Nowadays mobile stores are better equipped for increasing the loyalty and retention of the existent customers and for getting new customers involved.

#2. Fitness programs.

Since the issues of sport and health are always on trend, we can clearly see the increase in popularity of applications related to health care in 2015. With their help, you can easily stick to a healthy diet, follow the sport mode or even check your heart rate and blood pressure. Keeping your finger on the pulse is vital!

#3. Internet of things.

This market is supposed to be the key factor of raising the so-called “third platforms”. The analysts assign the new generation of computing systems, which are formed under the influence of cloud and mobile technologies, social networks and large data to this platform.

In 2015 the appearance of more “intelligent” devices is expected and about a third of the cost of the market “Internet of Things” will be centered on the embedded electronics and diagnostic equipment. Internet of things is not only personal devices, but also elements of urban infrastructure that enable you to municipal services on a completely different level of efficiency. In general, the opportunities provided by Internet of things for humanity, now are hard to imagine the full.

#4. Security, based on risks, and self-defense.

All roads to the digital future go through security. However, in the digital business world security cannot be the roadblock that stops all progress. Business needs to understand that it is impossible to provide a 100% secure environment. This means that companies must implement more complex risk management system. From technical point of view, the realization that the perimeter of the corporate network no longer exists leads to an increase in the importance of a multi-faceted approach. Application design that is dependent on safety, testing the dynamic and static application security, self-defense applications during the runtime in combination with proactive control all that is claimed in the modern world. All this leads to a new model of embedding protection directly into applications. Secure the perimeter network and the firewall is no longer enough: each application must be “self-conscious” and have self-defense.

#5. Vehicles make a step toward the mobile integration of a new generation.

The most progressive ideas and tendencies as for mobile applications will be aimed not only on portative personal devices and body-worn gadgets, but on our cars as well. New standards for data transfer, such as 5G, and powerful modern processors allow to monitor remotely the operation of all units of the car in real time, and to assist the driver in steering the car.

#6. Synchronization.

Remember those terrible times when you needed to carry a lot of fragile floppy disks and USB-drives in order to transfer some important information to other person? Then, finally, the world opened up saving applications like DropBox and Google Drive, which easily “share” the necessary data. When you are going to develop a mobile application be sure to note this trend: ease of use, ease of saving, ease of access to the stored data.

#7.The simplicity of the design.

Physical appearance of the application is very important, especially in today’s diversity of offerings on the market. According to the latest trends, the developers are trying to follow the strategy of “better less, but of higher quality”. In addition, mobile screens are too small for large designs with many elements.

#8. Advanced, penetrating and invisible analytics.

It gradually takes center stage since the volume of data generated by IT systems, grow, and business has to analyze the vast pools of structured and unstructured data. Any application should now be analytical. Large data remains an important driver of this trend, but we need to focus on the “big answers to the big questions”: that it be removed from the dataset, and how to do it, because the value lies in the answer to these questions, but not in the big data itself.

#9. Applications to communication.

The developers are working on the developing the fastest and the most convenient application for communication. It’s not just about the messenger, but also about the applications associated with the user’s location or activities that he had committed. Applications will include a lot of different feedback mechanisms.

#10. Applications and infrastructure that are software-defined.

Programming of everything from applications to basic infrastructure plays an important role for the business in terms of providing the flexibility required for the digital business processes. Software-defined networks, data storage, data centers and protection –the protection works in this direction. Cloud services are software-configurable through the API-requests and applications, in turn, have enhanced API to access their features or content programmatically. Thereby calculating the shift from a static to a dynamic model.

There is nothing surprising in the occurrence of different trends in the development of mobile applications since all of them are trying to satisfy the needs of users in all aspects of everyday life. Stay updated with Ubertesters!

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