What is the Ubertesters platform good for?

So, you've come up with the great mobile app idea and were able to develop it from scratch. Everyone in the organization worked hard to make the vision a reality and your app is working well. You sent it to your friends and relatives and they used it a little, telling you how wonderful it is.

Is your App really ready for public use?
Not quite

You need to perform professional mobile beta testing to make sure your app is truly working properly.

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Ubertesters is the new way to monitor and manage your mobile beta testing process and your beta testers.

Throw away the old methods of delivering the revision to the testers via e-mail or document sharing products

Forget about complicated process for the tester to send you a detailed screenshot of the bug he or she found

Toss the uncertainty about the correct revision to test and ways to control and monitor it.

No more managing your QA team without detailed statistics and reporting about their activities and results

What is the Ubertesters platform?

Ubertesters is a mobile application beta testing management software tool that allows mobile development businesses to easily manage all of their beta testing resources in a single environment.

No complex software or hardware installations are required due to Ubertesters’ cloud-based structure, resulting in immediate business impact as teams and testing projects get up and running in minutes.

The platform offers an all-in-one mobile management tool for the complete beta testing campaign with great features:
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  • Multi-platform support (iOS, Android)
  • Over-the-air app distribution
  • Revision management
  • Ability to assign and test requirements
  • Complete support of all development methodologies (user stories & test cases)
  • Automatically collects and reports crash data & custom logs
  • Offers in-app bug editing, marking, reporting and user feedback
  • Allows real-time team monitoring
  • Integration with external "Bug-Tracking-System"
  • Provides metrics, statistics and reports for the QA team lead and project manager

Who should use Ubertesters?

The Ubertesters platform helps you launch and deliver an excellent mobile app by helping everyone across your development chain to conduct a more efficient and structured testing process. Here's how the Ubertesters platform helps each of the members of the development team:

Project Manager / QA team lead

  • Hassle free, over the air, revision distribution to the testers
  • Team management – control and monitor the team members
  • Team Reports: who tested, what tested, when, how long, tester’s efficiency, and more
  • Revision management – upload, remove, activate and deactivate – all at a click of the mouse
  • Statistics per revision
  • Environment reports: what devices used, what OS
  • Executive summary reports for his supervisor

Mobile App Developers

  • Executive summary reports for his supervisor
  • Get clear & fast bug presentation that can be reproduced accurately
  • Get the full bug information and description sorted by severity, device type, and issue type to allow easy bug fix
  • Find out how to fix the bug in order to be able to mend it
  • Open communication channel with the tester in case can’t reproduce the bug

The tester

  • Complete clarity about what needs to be tested
  • Easy and automatic receive of correct revision for testing (push) to avoid mistakes as a result of manual install
  • Control the correct version of correct revision
  • Ability to shift between new and old revisions
  • Able to send accurate, edited and immediate test results right from his device while on-the-go

R&D manager / CTO

  • Assurance that the final version is bug free
  • Optimal usage of budget and other resources
  • Get User’s feedback
  • Ability to get executive summary reports from the Project Manager to support the decision process about new release

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