Upload API

  1. Get Upload API Key

    In order to authorize Upload API you need to enable ‘API access’ option. To enable ‘API access’ please open user profile on ‘API access’ tab.

  2. Upload API Description

    You can upload your .ipa or .apk file using ‘Upload API’ interface.

    Usage example:

        -X POST
        -H "X-UbertestersApiKey:PERSONAL_API_KEY"
        -F "file=@upload.ipa"
        -F "title=build title"
        -F "notes=build notes"
        -F "status=in_progress"
        -F "stop_previous=true"


    • X-UbertestersApiKey– required, your personal ‘API access KEY’. Please see item 1

    • file – required, path to your build file (.IPA or .APK)

    • title – optional, your build title

    • notes – optional, build description, plain text

    • status – optional

      • pending – default, create a new revision only

      • in_progress – create and start revision

    • stop_previous – optional

      • true – stop all previous revisions ( if any)

      • false – keep current statuses of previous revisions

    If ‘status’ parameter is set to ‘in_progress’ then this revision will become enabled for all distribution groups marked as ‘default’