Rewards That Сompanies Can Achieve When They Support Remote QA Testing For The Long Term

Rewards That Сompanies Can Achieve When They Support Remote QA Testing For The Long Term

The world is changing at railway speed. New technologies, apps, and solutions appear on the market and revolutionize various industries. The only thing that keeps incredibly demanding all the time is quality assurance (QA). Any company would like to provide customers with excellent products that have a top-notch design, pleasant user experience, and all the features needed for successful operation. However, not all businesses are ready or able to handle a full-cycle software testing process. Fortunately, remote QA outsourcing is here to solve this issue. 

What You Need To Know About QA Outsourcing 

More and more companies prefer QA outsourcing rather than hiring an internal quality assurance engineer. And here is why.


You can get the help of professional testers anytime you need it. First, it is cheaper to get the service upon request than pay to an internal QA each month. Second, there is no need to purchase automation tools or various website usability testing software. Third, outsourcing teams can check your software day and night with no need to pay extra costs.

Expert help 

Outsourced QA professionals can easily handle the entire software testing life cycle. What does it mean? The team of testers is ready to perform different types of testing via either moderated remote testing or unmoderated user testing. Your software will be also checked with the help of the best user testing tools. 

A fresh set of eyes 

Lots of companies require a fresh look at their product or service. Remote software tests performed by an independent team of QA experts can easily find all the weaknesses and new ways to improve your app. As for an in-house team, it might be difficult for them to stay objective. QA outsourcing can become a neutral party with brilliant user testing services. 

Top Countries For QA Outsourcing 

Most popular countries in outsourcing are located in Europe. Here is a list of countries for remote QA outsourcing with a large number of user testing companies

  • Ukraine
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Romania

There are also top QA outsourcing countries in Asia and Africa:

  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Egypt

These are countries with outstanding outsourcing QA teams and the best usability testing practices for a reasonable cost. But how much do in-house testers earn in different countries? Let’s find out the numbers. 

The Average Salary Of A QA Engineer In Different Countries

Hiring an internal QA Engineer requires plenty of time and effort. You will need to meet dozens of candidates, check their knowledge and experience in testing, as well as discuss their salary expectations. Here is a list of the QA Engineer salaries by country, according to SalaryExpert.

  • The United States – $79,700 
  • The United Kingdom – $54,245
  • Australia – $66,772
  • Germany – $64,925
  • Ireland – $61,522
  • Israel – $49,951
  • The Czech Republic – $27,107


Therefore, hiring an internal QA is usually very pricey. By the way, most companies require several QA professionals to handle the entire testing life cycle. This means outsourcing QA services might become a perfect fit for a wide range of businesses. 

Remote QA Engineer Role 

The main responsibility of any QA specialist is to maintain a top quality of particular software. It is also important to note that remote usability testing is not a one-time activity but a continuous process. Therefore, QA experts usually have many responsibilities: 

  • Create and schedule a QA plan
  • Create and implement various types of test cases
  • Perform different types of testing, including usability, performance, security, and others
  • Use the most up-to-date testing tools
  • Detecting the weaknesses throughout the platform/product
  • Cooperating with developers for solving issues
  • Generating test reports 
  • Offering requirements on how to make the software better


The role of a QA expert is constantly changing. A few decades ago, manual testing was the only way to check and detect the bugs in certain software. Currently, most professional testers combine automated and manual testing for the best results. 

As for the market demand for QA experts, it is constantly growing and is likely to continue going up in the nearest future. Moreover, remote testing is one of the most promising areas in the IT field due to the number of benefits it offers to businesses. 

Top Benefits Of Remote QA Testing 

Availability. Remote testing services are always available. You don’t need to spend days and hours hiring QA professionals to join your company. Moreover, remote QA Engineers don’t have a notice period and can start testing your software within the shortest terms.

Fast feedback. Internal QA teams might work on different projects simultaneously. This means you will need to wait for some time to allow professionals to switch between the tasks. In case you cooperate with remote testers, you are likely to get feedback on your software much faster since they usually start working on your project almost immediately. 

Different locations. Remote testers can work in various locations all over the world. This means you can get your software tested by different professionals on a wide number of devices and carriers. Further, they can test in different time zones, and while the developers are sleeping. This can increase the process efficiency and time-to-market. 

Unmoderated usability testing. You don’t need to take part in the process of testing and delegate all the functions of managing the entire testing process to the remote outsourcing company. You will still get an advanced report on the bugs and issues found in your software. 

Moderated remote usability testing. You can also take control of the testing process made by your outsourcing testing partner. For example, you can join the testing sessions, get the screens of professional testers shared during the testing sessions, and much more. 

How Can Ubertesters Help You With Professional QA Engineer Services

Ubertesters has a bunch of innovative tools and services for effective testing. First, we offer a unique,  all-in-one mobile management tool for the complete beta testing campaign. Second, Ubertesters allows you to use the power of the crowd and test your app globally using Crowdsourced testing. Our experienced global QA professionals are ready to test your software on all types of real devices, platforms, locations, and carriers. Third, we offer ‘offshore outsourcing QA resources’ located in our East European office that can work for you on a full-time basis at roughly 50% of the cost of in-house QA experts.  

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