Khoa B., Ubertester: “I’m happy with my chosen career because I can improve technical skills and soft skills every hour.”

/ 8th September, 2015 / Ubertester Tells
Khoa B., Ubertester: “I’m happy with my chosen career because I can improve technical skills and soft skills every hour.”

Don’t even try to learn their language. It has six different tones. The meaning of a word can be changed with the tone used to utter it. Better just smile if you don’t understand.

And if you are a fan of exotic food – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Vietnam. The land of miracles.

Chào, ladies and gentlemen, welcome Khoa B., a 28-year-old tester  from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

He graduated from Aptech Academy as a Software Engineer in 2009 and was MCITP-EA certified by Microsoft. Khoa worked as a Software QC Engineer since 2009 on different kinds of testing projects (web, desktop application, and mobile). His strongest point is mobile software testing due to his great experience on more than 50 mobile testing projects with different global clients.

Before joining Ubertesters in June 2015 he has been working full time as a Software QC Engineer at an USA Software Testing Company based in Vietnam. Now he is performing web testing, and applications testing including Windows and Mac OS. Moreover Khoa is permanently improving his mobile testing skill.

Traditionally, we asked Khoa seven questions that we and some of our clients wanted to know.

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Ubertester Tells: Interview with Khoa, a professional Ubertester from Vietnam

What was the most exciting project you had in your Ubertesters QA career?

Khoa: I had the chance to work on an exciting iOS testing project. As required, I must connect to other testers via Facebook when testing the application. You can use the application to schedule an event then invite your friends to join. Project details, testing scope, and tasks are provided clearly by the PM. All testers worked together and supported each other well.  

What is the most horrifying/bizarre bug you ever encountered?

Khoa: I found one crash bug when clicking one button on an application. However, developer, other testers, and project manager could not reproduce that bug. We tried to reproduce this on same device, same environment, same network, same data… but still couldn’t reproduce the bug. Finally, we found out that when the phone receives a message, then user clicks on the button on the application and boom…

What is a daily habit that you have developed in your life as a result of your profession and found to be really useful?

Khoa: Making to-do lists and focusing on one task at a time. Every day, I have a list of tasks to do which are listed out on my smartphone. I also set a priority for each of task, and I just move on to the next task once I’ve completed the previous one.

What are the main benefits of working with Ubertesters?

Khoa : Project Manager is friendly. During testing session, the PM’s always online at Skype and helps me catch up with the project quickly. Different types of mobile software testing projects for me to deal with. Flexible working time. Gain more knowledge and more money

What are the characteristics of a bad software tester?

Khoa: Not putting himself into end users’ shoes. Dishonest: some testers do not have enough time to complete testing tasks, then they declare the testing result as “Passed”. That’s very dangerous if a critical issue is discovered by the customer.

What does your ideal work place look like?

Khoa: A large working table: I can put two laptops (1 Windows, 1 Mac OS) and some mobile devices on that. A massage chair: I can do testing tasks when sitting on a massage chair. Some books on the left hand. Fresh air all around. That’s it.

What advice would you like to give to testers who are just starting their career in Ubertesters?

Khoa: Read the project details carefully. Focus on the testing scope of project details. Do the top priority task first. Contact the PM if there’s something unclear.

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