Keep Calm and Test Apps, or Hard Truths About App Tester Career

Keep Calm and Test Apps, or Hard Truths About App Tester Career

You’ll be surprised. Ready? Testing job is not that easy.

Still not convinced? Keep reading!

So, why testing is a tough job?

1. A product always has bugs.

No matter how hard you try, there is no way to make the final product bug free. Different strategies, test scenarios, and analyzing data can decrease the number of bugs, but not eliminate them at all. You are feeling empty and useless, aren’t you?

2. Bugs continue to be a problem.

When a new bug is found, developers try to argue that it’s not a bug, it’s an expected behavior. The traditional thinking continues to convince us that fixing bugs is an unpleasant activity. And yes, now you do know how it feels when everyone hates you.

Make sure to share this article with developers you work with – surprise them.

3. Less involvement, but more expectation.

It’s a common scenario for many software projects. Managers think that testing is just like executing a script and all necessary documents can be prepared on demand, but this is not true. Testers work no less than developers do and they also should have enough time to complete their part of the job.

All the time you feel like you have to prove your worth to everyone in the office: ‘Please share the project specs with me. Yes, I need to know the specs. No, I’m not kidding.’

How to make your tester career easier?

1. Insist on your vision. There are situations when some implementations and features looks illogical and misunderstood. In such a case, testers should argue and debate these aspects till last level of management. This will provide both testers and managers with a clear vision of the implementation and valuable details that cannot be omitted.

2. Testing relevance. Think about different testing strategies and techniques in everyday life. This can be useful in real projects especially, when some bugs cannot be found or reproduced in an ordinary way. Such an approach can save a lot of time when a specific project has narrow deadlines.

3. Never stop learning. No matter whether you are a newcomer or with 10 years of experience – the moment you stop learning, your career starts decaying. Software testing develops as leaps and bounds – you need to learn new techniques, technologies, fresh ideas and approaches. This will also help you to better analyze data, to identify bugs and to communicate with your team. Make learning your daily task and remember that if you don’t learn, life will make you learn it in hard way.

4. Do testing rather than working. Don’t operate upon numbers of test automation tools or test cases – look for opportunities to test. For example, getting more coverage rather than executing more test cases is a way to success. When you are working on speeding time to reproduce a critical bug rather than changing severity is another way to success. Make testing your passion, not profession.

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